My Husband

Hubby’s Birthday

Dec 19,1966 is my Husband’s birthday! this will be the first time since we started dating that I won’t be there to celebrate his birthday. Now the funny thing is that his family for as long as I can remember have never been big on birthday’s. Which is a total shock to me, my Mom has always made birthdays a big deal. Not that we have money, my mom was a single mom raising my sister and myself. So she would make sure that we felt special. Like I didn’t have to the dishes or I could pick what my special supper would be. I would always feel like a princess on my birthday. So you can see why I felt it strange that my husbands  family never really felt like celebrating someone’s birthday. So even though I always hear him say ” I don’t want anything for my birthday” I always do something anyway. lol.

Sunday we are celebrating my husband’s 51st birthday which is strange to say , only because it means we’ve been together for over 33 years. Our usual routine for his birthday or any of our birthday’s is we go out for supper and a movie. Luckily we will be seeing “STAR WARS” huge fan by the way. But there is some exciting stuff happening too. The holiday train is coming to town so we are going to see that and then have a lovely brunch.  Then enjoy a nice evening at the show before mom and I head out to Regina.

It will be strange not being with him on his birthday, the very first birthday we spent together I bought him a He Man cake and put a bristol board up on my parents wall with Christmas lights on it.  I know pretty lame right? Well back then, I thought it was cool. lol.  He is quite the catch. If I do say so myself. 

Now he can be a real pain in the ass , but he’s my pain. I love him dearly for it. He is my rock and I couldn’t have found a better best friend, or soul mate. Even if we don’t see eye to eye on certain things like(eating healthy, exercise, the girls) we still have a lot of fun and love each other even more. He sometimes comes off as a Bear but he’s truly a big soft Bear.  Happy Birthday Hubby, I hope you know how much you are loved and mean to us.  xoxo

Flying on a Jet Plane

This is the first time in 2 years that I’ll be home at Christmas. My mom and I are flying and my husband unfortunately will be staying behind, for 2 reasons. One- is because we’re getting new floors installed and he wants to be here.  2- We don’t like to leave the dogs behind in the winter.  But for some reason Mom doesn’t remember that she has had 2 Christmases without my dad and in her mind she has never been without him on Christmas. So my husband and I made the decision to make her happy and cherish the memory that she will be with him on Christmas.  I have mixed feelings of course, I will miss my husband terribly we have never been apart on Christmas, but you have to do what you have to do. Right?

I will be able to see my girls, and spend some time with my Sister in Law and my cousin. But it won’t be the same without him for sure.  SO you see my predicament, right? I am always amazed at how amazing my husband is, and how he is willing to sacrifice time and time again, so my mom is happy and myself.  He always jokes that it’ll be a holiday for him too. Maybe so, but I’ll never know. He always says he doesn’t want Birthday or Christmas Presents either, but I never listen. lol.

So I’m packing my luggage and the difficult part is that I’ll be pushing my Mom in her walker and the bags too. So I’m trying to pack as much as I can in one for me so I have less to carry. I have Christmas presents and of course my essentials Shakeology, workout clothes and my essential equipment. Then my regular clothes. I can’t believe I got most of it in!  Now I just have to finish Mom’s luggage. Ugh, then we leave on Monday. Thank goodness we are staying at a hotel the night before the flight. There is no way I could do that, drive super early in the morning to make sure we get to the airport by 9 am.

Monday she has to get her hair done. It had to be the latest and closest to her seeing my dad(She wants to look her best) so my hairdresser is coming in on her day off to fix mom’s hair, then we have her denturist appt at 2pm. Finally we will be on the road to Regina, and I will be getting her set up and will go for a hot soak and relax before our flight. Going to be a long day on Tuesday but I’m excited to see my girls.

I have been trying to find a nice outfit to wear so that I can look my best ( I guess like mother like Daughter) and I came across these boots. Now a very long time ago I used to love shoes, and purses but hey that’s another post lol. Anyways, I have always wanted to have a pair of Red Jeans and I finally found a pair and those boots. So I just had to have them. They were pricey and the funny thing is that where I’m going has way more snow than we do out here lol. So I’m glad I bought them.  Aren’t they the cutest?!  I will definitely keep you posted on our next few days lol.

Reno’s Part 2

Last weekend, Hubby and I started ripping up the carpet and laminate on the whole main floor. Well, it was a killer for him, but for myself, I felt pretty good. I even went to work after and worked a whole Nightshift! I was feeling pretty proud of myself. lol. So we decided to leave the last room until this weekend. Thank goodness we did, It was such a crazy weekend and it’s only getting crazier. With Christmas around the corner and Mom & I flying back a week tomorrow I have so much to do and it’s leaving Hubby with a lot of it. Today was finishing the Tearing up of the Mom’s room and then thankfully we have both agreed we’re not as young as we used to be so we’re hiring someone to put in the New flooring, but honestly, I think we are doing the hardest part. As well as the Dirtiest too lol.

But for some reason I didn’t have the spunk like I did last week, thankfully mom’s was pretty much the easiest room. Best for last they always say! Now all that’s left if to tidy up and move stuff when we need too on Sunday. Then Mom & I are off to Regina!  I’m actually really excited to see the girls. Spend Christmas Eve with them the best I can. But anyway that’s another Blog lol. When I see all the dirt and stuff on the floor I don’t know about you but it really makes me feel like I don’t know how to clean my house. 

I’m so glad we decided to do this and what an amazing gift my husband is giving me by staying behind to make sure the flooring goes in and looks after our furbabies while I’m gone.  As much as he can be a pain in the butt, he’s still my husband and I love him very much. But I have to ask, Don’t I look like a badass doing RENO’s?!  just kidding lol. Happy Sunday

Reno’s Are Fun!

How many of you like to do Reno’s? Well, I like to think of them as 50/50, sometimes they go smooth and other times it’s like Pandora’s Box. Am I right? Well, we live in an old farmhouse and the last time we did some reno’s we discovered that the main floor of the house has wood shavings for insulation! We were wanting to put in an extra outlet beings how it only had one and that’s how we found out.
So let’s just say we were a little sceptical as to what we were expecting when we had to tear up the flooring for new flooring. Unfortunately, I woke up with a headache, so hubby let me sleep a little longer, plus it doesn’t help that I had to work nights. So he had already started tearing up the living room carpet. He said it came up pretty easy. Well were we fooled? We found out that the people that owned this house before had actually Glued down the carpet. Yes that’s right “glued” thank goodness, hubby brought with him a big scraper that they use for ice outside. That sucker(carpet) was NOT, I repeat NOT coming up without a fight.
Now my husband has been my rock, I honestly couldn’t tell you how much I love this guy. He has been with me every step of the way, with MOM, my depression, my breakdown. You name it. I’m not saying he’s a saint, but He certainly has proven to me how much he loves me and my family. In the past when we have done reno’s he has done the brunt of the work. Honestly, I couldn’t do much, with weighing 250 lbs, I was short of breath all the time. So I pretty much was his gopher. So today was a real eye-opener for me and I think for him as well. He had a very hard time getting the strength to pull up the carpet. He has a sore back, and he has been gaining weight too. So for the first time in our marriage, I had to step up and help. It felt amazing, that I was strong enough to do that. When we finally finished the living room, I went to start in the bedroom. Hubby was a little worried asking what I was going to do with that exacto knife. So I told him I just wanted to check the next room to see how hard it was going to be. Well except for moving the furniture, I have to say I did most of the bedroom myself. I would never have been able to do that earlier in my life. Thanks to the consistency of my working out and eating healthy I was able to be strong enough to pull my weight and help my husband when he needed it. I’m not bragging by no means, he has done so much I could not compare, but it felt nice to have him sit back and see how hard I had worked and how much it had paid off. I was proud to be a woman of 50 and am the strongest I have ever been. I’m not going to be doing a weightlift competition or a bikini challenge and go on stage. I’m just an average Mom, Wife, Daughter who has found that looking after myself and fuelling my body and exercise has really been the best thing I could have done for myself.
So I have a secret, we just have one room left. So this week, my husband is doing his usual 2 days away for work, so my plan is to have Mom’s room done before he gets home. Plus as an extra bonus I want to paint the rooms before the floor goes in. Do you think I can do it? I would love to give it a shot. Wouldn’t he be Surprised!!

Date Day With Hubby

Saturday was a great day, I have to say, I got up at 4:30 did my bike ride for 10km. Then Hubby and I went on the road to MH(Medicine Hat, Alberta) to go look at flooring. We are replacing our whole main floor Livingroom, kitchen, bedrooms. So, unfortunately, living in a small town we don’t have much selection. Off to Alberta, we go! It’s only a 2 hour drive and besides my absolute favourite Quilt Store is there so I saw it as a “Win Win” wouldn’t you?
After being at the quilt store for over an hour Hubby started grumbling about how hungry he was . So I said goodbye to this amazing lady, we hugged and off we went.

We normally go to either Wendy’s or Montana’s but we saw this restaurant and now a days we don’t get to get out much without Mom, so I like to enjoy a nice meal in a nice restaurant. I saw this restaurant EARLS and we decided to check it out. I was never more impressed with how they decorated the restaurant for Christmas it was breathtaking. I got a few pictures but I wanted to take more it was amazing.

Then we got the menu and one of the challenges I find with eating clean and healthy is going out for meals. Am I right? So my general rule of thumb is that I pick the healthiest I can. But at the same time, I want to enjoy it as well. I had a hard time deciding, but this actually jumped out at me. It was a Grilled chicken, Brie & Fig on a ciabatta bun. Yam fries and for a drink, I always do Ice water with lemon but today I wanted to treat myself so I did Soda water with lemon.
I told my husband I had to go to the washroom, but in truth, I wanted to take more pics of the decor lol. When I got to the bathroom I found this sign, I thought it was adorable so I had to take a pic of that.

Got back to the table and this masterpiece of a meal was waiting for me. Let me tell you it tasted as amazing as it looks. I don’t know what flavours were bursting into my mouth more the cheese melting, the figs. It was by far the best sandwich I have had in a long time. I know it wasn’t probably the healthiest but it’s called balance. Saturday was my treat day, and today will be back to my meal plan and prepping.

What an awesome day, so glad we were able to enjoy our day and we found the flooring we want as well. So here goes the Reno’s!

Saturday Routine !!

If there’s one thing I can always count on is getting a good sweat when I work with this fellow. Out of all the Trainers, I have to say SAGI is one of my favourites. My husband finds him very annoying but Hey, who’s doing the workout here?  When you find someone who motivates you and gets you laughing and enjoying then I don’t see how that can be a bad thing right?  So today was Bulk Back, and I’m proud to say that fighting my cold I was able to push myself a little bit more today and actually increased my weight. It feels so good when you see progress, I didn’t step on a scale, I didn’t even measure myself, what progress I noticed is that I could increase my weight and complete a whole set of reps without having to stop. That’s progress, even for this old girl!

Next week is my final week of this program and it’s flown so fast. But it’s been a really good change in my routine.  I’m contemplating doing another round, but I do miss my cardio and my running. I’m thinking I need to get a New( or Newly used ) Treadmill or Excercise Bike. I hate going to the gym to pay a membership and have to drive all the way into town. So I thought about getting a bike or treadmill for the house. Now here’s the dilemma, I mentioned to my husband about getting either a treadmill or Excercise bike. He said ” if you get a bike, I’ll probably use it too” so do I get a bike and know that he might use it once or twice or do I get a treadmill and continue with my training for the spring Marathon. UGH!! Which would you choose? and before any of you say both, my house isn’t big enough for both lol. I’ve already thought about it, lol.