My Family

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all my friends and family that We ( Terry, Mom and Myself) have the absolute pleasure of having in our lives.  It has been an amazing Year, ups and downs but I want to say mostly ups thank goodness.. Mom’s health started off rough but she has improved considerably. She still has her days and I’m sure the Dementia will increase but she is as good as she will be. It was such a joy to be able to spend Christmas with my Family and Friends. I have such an amazing Husband and it was kind of funny to hear people ask where he was when I would go and visit, their first response was “Where’s Terry?” so when I told him he’s at home, they thought the worst, if anything it’s farther from the truth. We are stronger now than we have ever been!!  We just know that we are both needed at different places at the same time.  Mom gets to spend Christmas with Dad and I get to spend it with my girls and honestly I think he’s enjoying the break from Mom and I.

Besides Santa was very good to him, He got the Dvd set of Hogans Heroes, his cashews, Beef jerky and all the neighbours keep bringing him food. lol.  As for Mom and I we have been spoiled as well. The girls did an amazing gift for Gram and got her, her very own Tablet and the most Bling anyone would ever want!! She was so happy and ecstatic it was hilarious! So when I face timed Terry all she did was scream at how excited that she has her very own lol.  She has told me that the visit she’s having with Dad has been really good and they have actually been holding hands sometimes. So thats a positive for sure!

Last night was the Traditional Christmas Eve dinner and without fail my sister in law Diane did an amazing job. There were so many fixings, and it was so nice to see baby THEA and have a fun time. I finally got to spend time with my other amazing sister in law Colleen, I have missed her so much. It was so nice to just sit have a cup of tea and chat. It felt like old times, which is truly hard when I’m so far away. Luckily it won’t be much longer.

I couldn’t believe in the short few months when Terry and I were down how much baby Thea has grown, she already has two teeth! But she was so adorable even my Niece Courtney couldn’t keep her hand off her, playing with her. Thea was very surprised about Di’s dogs and cats some would say she was, Mesmerized lol. The dogs and Dave were awesome, even little ODIN was tuckered out by the time it was clean up after our amazing supper.

The Night was ending so I dropped Eryn home and went over to my Very best friend’s house Ian and Lee’s I have to say they are the best friends anyone could have. They have the biggest hearts and so amazing as well as their children. Gillian we have known since she was 2 and to see her now she is just incredible.  I had the privilege and the honour to hold the”Man of the hour” Baby Jude and what a perfect beautiful little man he is! I couldn’t  believe how incredible he is. Becca and Justin are amazing she is so calm and cool and Justin is just Beaming with pride! I finally got to see my dearest and closest friend Lee, it has been killing me that I couldn’t be here when she had her surgery but I was able to see her last night and it felt so good.  We hugged and talked, and hugged some more, we’re hoping we can get together again before I fly out.

That’s the bugger of it all, is how fast time flies. It goes way to fast in my eyes. But I am so honoured and happy and Blessed to be able to be with all the family and friends that I have.  I hope everyone of you have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!  and enjoy your time with your family and friends. I have a lot more to do before Mom and I head back so I’ll keep you all posted!!

Being Sneaky

It’s no surprise that for as long as I’ve been old enough to recognize my Mom has been a real sneak when it comes to her snacks.  I can remember on Halloween she would tell my sister and I to get out there and have fun but make sure we had a pillowcase full. Then, of course, she would have to go through it.  Almost positive she had her fair share of treats lol.

When my girls were old enough to eat food, my mom made sure she had a “Treaty” drawer so whenever they came over to Grammy and Papa’s house they knew exactly what drawer to go to first.  I remember teasing her saying we never had a treaty drawer when we were younger. Then she would reply, this is different they are my “grandbabies”. That was that.

My mom has always been a fussy eater, but there are a few food items that she never says no to one is Popcorn, and second is either Liquorice or Jujubes.  Now, mind you they always had to be fresh, and soft, as well lots and lots of butter too.  Now that I’m much older I’m pretty sure her hiding stuff is probably from her childhood and how strict my Nanna was, I remember a story of my Aunt trying to impress my Uncle (before they were married) and made a Peach pie while my Nana was at work. My mom was on the lookout and the pie had to be eaten and gone before she came home. So 4 kids and this handsome fellow my Aunt was trying to impress were eating peach pie fresh out of the oven, probably burning their mouths lol.  So like I said No surprise that Mom hides stuff. But the other day when we were getting ready to watch a movie, Terry was recovering from a tooth extraction and went to grab a kleenex. He stopped, looked at me and started laughing. Mom & I were curious until he pulled out a baggy full of jujubes out of the kleenex box. The best part was that Mom was just as shocked, and was even trying to figure out how it there, the only jujubes left were orange, black, yellow(which are the flavours she doesn’t care for). Well, we laughed quite a bit, and she was still shocked and tried to figure out which pet put them there. She still claims to this day that it wasn’t her!!

Family Won’t Eat Kale



I have been asked this question a lot since my weight loss journey.  For example: How do you stay committed? Does your family eat what you do? Well, I have an answer to both of those questions.  But the first thing I have learned in my journey, which has been a tough one is this: You can only control yourself! You can’t make others do what you do, they have to want to change, otherwise, it will make your relationship whether it’s your spouse, mother, father, sibling go bad real fast.  It’s a tough one, trust me I know, when you start your healthy lifestyle you start to feel more energized and feel great! All you want to do is shout it out to the world saying” You have to do this, you won’t believe how amazing you feel!”  That’s how I was in the beginning. Well, lets face it, that’s how I feel every day! I am thankful for everything and blessed as well.  I think that’s why I love to share my experiences and coaching because when you start that transition it can be scary. It’s not comfortable, in fact, it can be really hard. Especially when your cooking for your family and they don’t understand or want to join you. In fact, my husband is downstairs right now eating a bag of BBQ peanuts while I’m typing this out. Which is exactly why I started this Blog, to let others know that even if you feel alone in this battle for a healthier lifestyle your not.  I hope my tips will help with your journey.  Just remember, I know this is a tough one, but, remember that you have to look after yourself first. If you don’t then you won’t be around to be with the ones that need you. It’s hard to think that way because as a mother, wife, daughter we are taught to look after our family first.  Which can be very challenging to get our heads around. But when your family sees that this isn’t a fad or phase your going through and that you really are in it for the long haul, they will start to see how happy you are, how energetic you are. They will be happy for you, but they aren’t ready and they might never be ready but that is their choice. You can’t change them, just like you can’t change them for leaving their clothes on the floor even when the laundry basket is only a few feet away. They have to want to change.  When they do, you will only be too willing to help them.  But until then you have to do what you can to make sure you stay on the path and keep pushing forward.

My husband is truly like a kid, the more I try to tell him about eating healthy and exercise the more he’s defiant. And goes the opposite direction. So what I do is I make a lot of meals that I know he’ll eat as healthy as I can. He has started liking Spaghetti squash, and quinoa. But when he’s on the road, I have no control as to what he puts in his mouth. Yes, it terrifies me, because he is a diabetic. I can see his insulin amounts going up and up.  I have told him, how much I want to be holding his hand when we’re in our 80’s but I know the way he’s going it’s not going to happen. I have to be ok with that. That’s where I have to know that I can do the best I can ( like buy a recumbent bike instead of a treadmill ) so he will use it he says. Cook as healthy as I can for my family without protest. Hopefully one of these days he will come around to my thinking, but until then I have to stay on track for myself.  In my video I explain the tips that I do so I can stay on track and everyone is happy.  Enjoy and remember it’s not being selfish if you look after yourself first. In fact it’s the opposite.  You are strong enough. You are capable of doing anything! Just DON’T QUIT!



Game Day


How many of you are football fans?! Well this is one sport that actually is the reason hubby and myself connected. He played football and I love football. No, I was not a cheerleader, but I did try doing a cheerleader move one time for hubby in a private session but I’m not going any further with that lol. Let’s just say I was never meant to be a cheerleader. We have always loved football, but in the beginning, we never quite got into CFL. We’ve been to some NFL games and I am a true 49’ers fan, but never really followed until we came out west.  BOY oh BOY what a transformation. I have never seen such devoted fans in my life! You couldn’t help but get caught up and it’s a sport we both love! How awesome is that? Yesterday we had tickets for the last game before the playoffs, and with being in Canada and in the West we were hit with a snowstorm.  Are we dedicated enough? Yes, we kept checking the highway and the weather and it was not getting any better. The difference is that we would have normally gone anyway and braced the weather, if it was worse we would have stayed overnight at a hotel. But the difference is that it’s not just about us anymore. We have to consider my mom.

How would we be able to stay overnight and leave her all alone overnight? We did have an awesome friend that was going to make sure she had supper and tucked her in, but then she would be all alone. In a way, it was a blessing that the weather was so bad, we opted not to go and for a good reason. Mid-afternoon, I looked over at mom and she was shaking and went “white” then started throwing up. I went and got her a bowl and then called hubby, we took her blood pressure and it was not bad. a little raised but probably more because of the throwing up.  So I got her on the couch and feet up a cold cloth and then some gravol and ginger ale.  She slowly started to feel a little better, wanted to go to bed but I said  I wasn’t comfortable doing that in case she had another spell! She agreed and I made her some toast with honey. She ate that then, slept for a bit. Later on, she started to feel a bit better and then was hungry around 7-8 pm.  So I made her a cheese sandwich. I later went down and thanked hubby and he said that it was a good thing we didn’t go.

So as sad as we were not being able to go, out $120 bucks, I was really relieved that we were home when this happened. Who knows we might be able to make it to a playoff game anyway!! MORE SNOW !!


Happy Thanksgiving!



I posted this picture because of this little beagle and his Friend Woodstock, they mean a whole lot to me so much so that I got a tattoo of Snoopy on my leg. Why? well, it’s because they were my uncle’s favourite Character’s, and I mean favourite. Everywhere we went it was SNOOPY.  He was a big part of my life, especially when I was younger. I can remember so many times he would come over and visit with my sister and I and take us out to restaurants. At the time I loved Garfield, it was Garfield everything. I had posters, a stuffy you name it. SO if he came by I would find Garfield stuck in the freezer etc.  There was also a time when I got the Chickenpox. I was in Grade 9 and I was so embarrassed at the time. I didn’t leave the house, I mean let’s face it what 13 year old with chicken pox would have left the house?  So this one sunny afternoon, I was sitting at home desperately trying not to scratch, which is pretty much next to impossible. My Uncle Harry came to visit. Now at that time, my Uncle had an amazing car ( or so I thought) it was a TR-6 and it was brown with wood grain interior and the best part it was a convertible! Well, he stopped by and I was embarrassed so I hid in my room. When he saw me and saw how depressed I was, he told me to get in the car. I didn’t want to, but I knew I had to do something I was going crazy. So I told him I’m NOT going anywhere that requires me to talk to people. He said not to worry he has a plan. So I got in and we drove and drove with the top down. I have never felt more free and happy in my whole teenage life. He drove us to our beach Port Stanley, and it felt great I actually didn’t care what I did or how I looked.  It was so amazing, I felt awesome all thanks to my uncle Harry. He was a people person always had time for friends and especially family. He was a firm believer of family sticking together and always being there for everyone. No matter what.

I miss him, I know my mom misses him terribly. She says “good night ” to him every night. He was after all her younger brother. They were very close. She didn’t approve of his drinking, but he wasn’t an angry drunk, in fact quite the opposite.  But she loved him anyway.  He loved coming to our house for all special occasions, and especially chatting with the girls, hanging out with us etc. Our holidays haven’t  been quite the same ever since. So I cherish every moment we had then and I cherish every moment we have today. Do you have a family relative that isn’t with us that you cherish and wish they were? These kinds of days ( special occasions) can be really tough when you lose a family member. But when you look at it a different way, it’s still a good day to be alive!! Don’t you agree? IF there is anything this post will do to help, you in this time of year is that you’re not alone.  Cherish all those special moments you have with your family good or bad. Hug, kiss and heck do the dishes together !! I would love to hear about a special relative that you hold dear to your heart! Let’s talk and share our memories. happy-thanksgiving-snoopy1

Friendship at First Sight

fullsizeoutput_61aeI can’t believe that it’s been two weeks since I took a road trip to Calgary for our Super Saturday!! One of the things I didn’t expect was having my heart open to these two amazing ladies( girls) in my eyes. They really connected with me on every level and I’m so grateful. Do you ever have that feeling that when you meet someone, it was supposed to happen and that your heart fill with love for these two ladies. They reminded me of my own daughters.  Which is kind of funny because the one girl Kyla, is good friends with my daughter and that’s how we met each other.  Which I’m so grateful for, she is a true sweetie with a heart of gold. She would call me the whole weekend MAMA Bear lol. I took that with Pride for these girls.

I had such an amazing time with these ladies and I cherished every moment. This trip was truly an emotional and encouraging weekend. I love the fact that with everything they were doing they made sure I was included. Which I think is pretty awesome, what 20 year olds do you know that would make sure that your good and included in everything. THANKS Girls so much