Date Night


Sometimes traditions are a very good thing.  This is one tradition that I have valued a lot. Mind you when the kids were little we didn’t seem to be able to do it as often as we wished. But when we did we still valued it when we could.  Date night is a special night for myself and hubby. It’s time that we get to spend doing what we love the most. Spending time with each other alone. Whether it’s a movie or going target shooting.  Tonight we’re going to our favourite thing the “MOVIES” it’s always been one of our things. Even with the kids, I think at one point we had over 300 movies in our collection!

It is something when you find your special person and you cherish every moment of it. Even when life gets in the way. We haven’t had much time together lately and we seem to get caught up in everyday things. Mostly with Mom, we have to make sure she has looked after. So as much as those times are what we need to go through and can be trying on our relationship, it’s still something special when you can spend some time away together and cherish the moments we can have together!.

As much as he can be annoying in some of his ways, I’m sure I have ways that annoy him as well.  Like loading the dishwasher proper lol. But hey we’re not all perfect, that’s what makes it all the more interesting and challenging too.  SO if you have a special someone, make sure you spend that little bit of time with them that makes them feel special. Make sure you make it a date night. To cherish each other and cherish those special moments. We have been together for a very long time. Honestly, it doesn’t feel like it at all. That’s when you know it’s a good relationship! IMG_8521

Friday The 13th


Happy Friday the 13th!! How many of you are superstitious? Do you believe in that kind of stuff, or do you think it’s foolish. I’m kind of on the fence myself. Certain ones I’m like ok really?Like the one” If I step on a crack, I’ll break my mother’s back? ” Well she does have Osteoporosis, hmm I wonder.  But I certainly don’t think there are a few I would go messing with either. I’m not going to go around breaking mirrors, anytime soon. I honestly don’t need any bad luck, who does?

Do you have any superstitions that you follow or know about? I’d love to hear them.  I went and saw a psychic, and let me tell you so far everything she has told me has come true. So I do believe some truth in all of this kind of stuff. I guess you just have to take it with a grain of salt and live your life the best way you can and hope you don’t cross any black cat’s lol. Just kidding!

Now I know you know who the guy is in the picture and I thought only too suiting to post this pic considering it’s a movie all about Friday the 13th. You guys know I love horror movies and I’ve seen this one a few times. I will tell you, I’m not a huge fan of the slasher type movies, but they do give me chills every once in a while. I certainly wouldn’t be brave walking down a dark alley with a guy walking ahead of me dressed similarly to Jason lol.  It’s funny they’re actually playing “IT & Friday the 13th ” at the theatre!! That would be cool to go to. But beings how I’m just getting off of a night shift, I really don’t think that’s a good idea lol.So have a Great FRIDAY the 13TH!! Enjoy your day, don’t let any superstitions reek havoc on your day !!


Scary !!

MV5BOTE0NWEyNDYtYWI5MC00MWY0LTg1NDctZjAwMjkyMWJiNzk1XkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNjk5NDA3OTk@._V1_SY1000_CR0,0,674,1000_AL_Ok I’m not sure how many of you guys are aware of this but I am a Huge Movie Buff. I love movies, when I look back I think movies were a way to help me get away and not have to look at myself and how I was feeling. But even more so I found for some sick reason I love scary movies. I know I’m afraid of my own shadow, so why Scary movies?

Even when I was a kid I can remember sitting in the back of my parent’s car in my Pj’s at the Drive-In( how many remember the Drive-In) and I was supposed to be sleeping but sure enough, I had to sneak a peak. Now the movie was “The Deep” and I’m sure if I watched it now it would be pretty hokey. There was a scene where this giant EEL came out of a hole in the wall in the ocean and bit a guys head. Now for a young kid that was very scary, I couldn’t sleep for weeks. But I couldn’t let my parent’s know either or else I would have gotten a spanking lol. So I suffered.  My own fault. Then when I was dating in high school I went to see “Poltergeist” that was a big Blockbuster everyone talked about it. So I had to be cool and go to it with this cute guy.  Once again, scared out of my mind.

The worst was when I would babysit. Oh my, and it was on Halloween, so yes you guessed it I had to watch “Halloween” on Halloween. All alone, in a strange house. That’s why I say I have a sickness when it comes to scary movies. lol. I’m terrified but I have to watch them. My husband laughs at me, but I do. Are any of you the same way? Do you like scary movies?
Right now our little town has a theatre and it’s showing the Latest “Steven King” remake “IT”, now I”ve never saw the original. But from what I hear it was really good. So I convinced my husband to go see it. Neither one of us know what it’s about, I’m already psyching myself out as I’m typing this.  We invited some dear friends of ours as well. So tomorrow night we’re going to see this movie. I can’t wait. Now don’t spoil it, if you’ve seen it. I’ll let you know tomorrow how it went. Before you all wonder, NO my mom is not joining us. She is the complete opposite to me. In fact, she’s never seen “The EXORCIST” (the original)  so you know she’s not going to want to see this. The only request she always has is that we bring her back a bag of popcorn with extra, extra, butter.  I told her “hell yes I’ll be having popcorn, how do you think I hide with the scary parts” yep,  behind the popcorn!