Fur Babies

Our Wylie


I don’t know if I’m getting softer as I get older. But this fellow and I have what is called a love-hate relationship. Which is kind of funny considering I was the one that rescued this guy. But he has always been Terry’s dog, since day 1. The only time that Wylie likes to be around me is when Terry isn’t home.  That has been our relationship has gone for 5 years.  Until recently, I’m not sure if it’s from all the Wind Storms we have had. But lately, he only comes to me when he wants to cuddle.  Terry and I are on the couch watching Stranger Things and he’ll jump on the couch to cuddle. Which he never used to before, but he’ll cuddle with me and in his own quirky little way he gives me kisses too.

When the winds come he comes to me.  He has to hide under my pillow or under the sheets. Let’s just say not a fun sleep night that is. But I have to admit I feel bad for this guy and his quirky little ways.  He was such a scrawny little guy with his little rat tail. But now he’s totally different. He still doesn’t cuddle unless he wants too.IMG_9817.JPG


IMG_8725Have you ever had that one pet, that you feel you’ve got a connection that is different than any other pet you’ve ever had? Well that’s my Sadie. When I rescued her as a puppy I could tell in her eyes, she has an old soul. Like she’s been here many times before like the movie “A Dog’s Purpose” which by the way is an amazing movie.  Sadie has a gentleness, a calming effect. Her and I have a connection I’ve never felt before.  Which to some people would be amazed to know that she’s a Pitbull/ mix. Considering that Pitbulls are banned in Ontario. But that’s a whole other issue, one that drives me crazy.

She is my running partner, my everything. But she isn’t a perfect angel. She has destroyed quite a few things as a puppy(including the couch) but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Now she is our “Miss Piggy”, she sleeps on our bed 80% of the time due to her knee injury. Then eats the rest of the time. Basically only goes outside for business. Unless she hears me at the front door getting ready for a run. Then watch out, she is like a Bat out of hell. Comes running out of a dead sleep, so I don’t forget to take her. Unfortunately, she can’t run with me right now due to her injury, but once I get enough $$, she’ll be back on the road with Lola and myself.  I have to say the only flaw that Sadie has is what other pit bull owners know as a true fact is that “she’s a farter” and boy oh boy she can knock out a room. She even puts my husband to shame. In fact a few times I have heard her fart and she will actually look at her butt and then look at me. So then I’m like really? Oh, they are rank. But again I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love that girl, so much.  Everyone usually has a dog that they say is their dog. Well, we all know that Wylie is my husband’s. without a fact. Wylie only puts up with me when Terry is not home. Tug doesn’t care who is his owner as long as there’s food.  Lola loves both Terry and Myself. (but I think she loves me more)  But my Sadie is all mine. She puts up with Terry again only if I’m not around. But she is truly my spirit animal. My true connection, no matter what happens to us both we are always connected. As she lays by my feet, snoring like a banshee, she is my everything. I know I am hers.

Christmas For Puppy’s

One of the downfalls of living in the country is we don’t have a lot of stores, especially a pet store like Pet Smart. Whether that’s a good or bad thing, good thing is that I’m not spending as much money as I probably would if I had more access to these big stores.  On the plus side is that my daughter Eryn said that the dog’s toys were getting pretty ratty and that we should get them so new ones. Oh, my I don’t know who had more fun going through the toy section? Her or I, well we came out with 2 bags ( they were mostly on clearance) so that helped the budget as well.  Who doesn’t love a good bargain?

My pups have a very nice area out back, they have a shed we converted to a kennel, which has a futon, carpet, food bin, of course, water and a heater if it gets cold. Not to mention the outdoor covered area as well. So they are pretty spoiled as far as the farmers tell us out here in farm country.  But I still feel bad when they’re outside a long time.  Yesterday we were gone almost 12 hr. So when we got home with the two bags of toys we felt so much better knowing they were going to be happy.

We decided to put all the toys in a pile in the living room and out of the 5 dogs we knew for sure the 2 would go right to the pile.  Our big boy ( Pyrenees) couldn’t care less about toys at all. He just wanted cuddles right away. Even our pit bull/mix grabbed the cow toy and took it downstairs away from the others to play with it. It was adorable, we could hear a squeak every now and then. My daughter wanted me to go down and video her, but I knew the minute I went down the stairs she would stop lol.

The two we knew would go crazy for the toys was going to be Wylie (Shepherd cross) and Lola(Rottie/mix), and boy were we right. Wylie went crazy for the chicken as you can see in the video above, but Lola loved the Donkey which is funny because she loves to push her nose on toys and this one squeaked every time she pressed her nose. It was hilarious, either that or we were exhausted. Which was probably both the case.  We ended up having to put the donkey and chicken up high on the buffet so we could get a break from the noise and so they could settle.



Tuesday Morning Run

Sunday was supposed to be my 24km run, well I couldn’t do it working 12 hr nights and my sleeping hasn’t been great so I had full intentions of doing it yesterday.  It’s funny how we plan certain things and other stuff gets in the way. Do you find that happens to you too?  Well when I got home yesterday morning I was so tired I thought I would sleep for a couple of hours then do my run. When I woke up the temp outside was crazy hot and I knew if I tried to go for my long run it would do more harm than good. So I made an executive decision to use yesterday as my rest day and today was going to be my long run.  I know it sounds like a lot of excuses, but I honestly wanted nothing more than to go for that run.

This morning I got up ready for my long run only to find out the forecast was set for rain most of the day. So with my gps tracker I put in the 24 km run to see how long they predict me to run and it stated 2 hours and 40 min. Well that was smack dab in the middle of the rain coming.  So I opted to do my 5km this morning and will do my long run tomorrow. I will get it done , I just have a few hurdles to go over.  Funny thing is that on our way back from our run it did start to rain. So I’m really glad I made that decision.

I always feel guilty for not following the training exactly , so when my husband phoned to ask if I got my exercises done or my run ? I told him I did my run but only 5k and he said ” Hey, 5k is better than no run at all !” So I thought that is true, tomorrow I would be doing my 5k , so I moved it up a day and now tomorrow I can do my long run.  Do any of you get that guilty feeling when you plan to do something but stuff gets in the way from you doing it the way you had planned.?

My Lola

IMG_0717This girl is definitely my needy puppy.  Everyday I’m home and not working she sticks by me so much so that I can’t even go to the bathroom without her wanting to know where I am.   So today wasn’t much different , I was getting ready for my workout and this is what she did to me. She wanted to run but it was raining pretty good , so the fact that I melt like sugar I wasn’t about to go outside. Which meant no run, she was not happy.  I ended up doing my workout instead.

Do you have a fur baby that gives you a hard time when you leave for work or do something that isn’t your regular routine?  I’m Hoping to get out today after my sleep , but we’ll see what the weather brings us. !!

Our Lola , she is truly the most affectionate dog we have ever had. I wouldn’t trade her for the world.  She even so much as blocked me when we were running the other day , she knew there was a car / truck coming and I had my earphones on so I couldn’t hear the vehicle and she started cutting me off to get my attention.! I was shocked , I didn’t know she would do that. Needless to say she got extra treats for that . !! Yes I spoil my babies.  Who Doesn’t ?