Shift Shop

Strength 35

IMG_1113Wow, did it feel good to do some strength training and to be able to do it outside?! Even better.  This program has pushed me where I needed it and the hardest part especially when we’re on holidays and not in my usual routine. It’s tough, it makes it harder to stick to the routine.  I get caught up with all the other stuff like my husband says ” I have squirrel moments” almost like a kid in a toy store.  I find it hard to focus. But after I do this workout it really helps me stay focused and remember what I love to do and what I have worked so hard to achieve. So I made it my focus and got it done.  As usual, it felt awesome, amazing.  It always makes my day so much better, I guess that’s why I love doing it early in the morning.  Set’s my day right. Do you prefer morning or evening? I find if I wait till later in the day all the excuses start flowing in, Oh I’m too tired, or I can do it tomorrow, what’s one day. The list goes on and on.

It’s funny, I get so many friends that say “Oh my how do you do it?  Get up and do your workout no matter what, you never give up, you have so much motivation. ?” I tell them one thing. It’s simple I have tried so many different diets, and 99% of them I failed. I gave up, it was too difficult.  Talked myself out of doing it. Trying to convince myself it’s my reality of being overweight.  This is the way I should be.  But that came to a point in my life that I knew I had to change, I had to do something. I wanted to be around when my children get married or have children. I knew being in the nursing field that the way I was living,  I might not be there. It literally scared the living crap out of me.

I’m so grateful for that change or shift in my mind that I had to do something. That is how my motivation comes from. Every morning I say to myself as a Daily Reminder:

  • I am AMAZING
  • I can do ANYTHING
  • Positivity is a choice
  • I celebrate my individuality
  • I am prepared to SUCCEED

I was tired of starting over, So I don’t give up! Yes, I’m not perfect I have faults. WE  all do.  But that’s the best part. I have learned that it’s not the end of the world if I have dessert. What I have learned is that MODERATION is key, if I had that piece of cake don’t dwell on it and think it’s over.  Get up early, put on my shoes, put my hair in a pony and focus on what I need to do today to make me feel amazing and energized.  Honestly, 35 min in the morning, getting a good sweat is the best 35 min of my day. It’s my time to myself. My time to focus on what I want for myself. This program is doing that for me, it shows me that I am capable of doing more than I ever thought I could. I am seeing progress not so much in my weight but in my strength and being able to do moves I couldn’t do before! How great is that? Who doesn’t want to feel that?

Round 2 of Shift Shop

IMG_0903.JPGDo you ever have those weeks when you have full intention of sticking to a meal plan and exercise, but then life happens and you falter a bit. Well, that was my last round of shift shop.  Not everything goes according to plan, things happen that cannot be helped or changed.  We are planning on driving from Saskatchewan to Ontario this Thursday.  Partly for a vacation and the other part is that my daughter ( who is in the pic with me above) is moving back to London, Ont. Where we are from.  So it has been a bit crazy, to say the least.  Let’s just say I wasn’t surprised at all at the end of my 3 week Test group for # SHIFT SHOP, that I didn’t lose weight or inches.  On the plus side, I didn’t gain!  So that was a bonus. Especially with all night shifts I had to do before our trip, they can be a real crusher I tell you.

Yesterday was the start of ROUND 2 for Shift Shop and I was able to talk my daughter into joining me! Which was great, one of the best things about this particular program is that you can do it whether you are very active or a beginner just starting out.  Which was exactly what my daughter and I both did.  It was so much fun and boy did I sweat (as usual)  With all the running around we did yesterday, getting my mom’s hair done etc.  We ended up grabbing a pizza ( I know you’re thinking a great start to round 2) believe me I thought the same thing.   I did really good as far as the rest of the day was with following my meal plan.  So it was good to get a little sweaty, wear off that pizza.  The only downfall was we did it outside and after all the rain we had yesterday, let’s just say we had company during our workout. Yes, Mosquitoes! So I was really happy the workout was only for 25 min. let me tell you.  At least the more moving around we did the better, it was once we had our break in between was when they started attacking us. Later today I have Strength 25 and we have a road trip today to Regina, which is 2 & 1/2 hours there and back. So I’ll be really happy to be getting my workout done later today !! I’ll let you know how that goes later!

Shift Shop

IMG_0799Yesterday I started the last week of this program and I have to tell you it was a tough one.  I have been doing beach body now for over a year and with every new program I try it pushes me in areas that I’m at my weakest, but that’s ok ! It helps me work on those areas and strengthen them.  Well when I started this #SHIFTSHOP I thought it would be just like the others, boy was I wrong.  It starts with 25 min workouts for a week, then 35 min the second week which was a little tougher but it was a lot of fun. This is the final week and it’s pushed up to 45 min. Well I never thought it was going to end and I even caught myself checking the timer twice to see if it was actually moving!  The sweat and my heart was racing but it felt good.  I know that sounds crazy right?  But telling it like it is from a girl who used to take all kinds of medication for my depression/ anxiety to nothing at all. The endorphins I release after this workout is such a better way of living.

I feel alive and never better. Never felt stronger or happier either.   There are moves in this workout that I NEVER in a million years thought I would ever be able to do. There is one I’m pretty sure caused me to tinkle a little and it was called the SHOP HOPS.  That’s as far as I’m going on that subject. lol. SO even this old girl can do it , anyone can do it.  W3D7

Shrimp and Quinoa Stir Fry

One of the best things about learning new things no matter how old you are is that its like a whole New world.  How many of you used to always cook similar  to your parents cooking (particularly your mom) but I know there are some good cooks that are Dad’s too.  Well my mom was very traditional , so traditional in fact that we always had a roast of any kind, pork, beef, chicken on Sunday’s. No matter what.  Even if it was in the middle of summer and hot as heck out there, we still had a roast.  Most of my mother’s meals were pretty simple, probably because she was a single mom and raising two kids is tough.  So I used to cook a lot of meals similar to my mom’s because that was pretty much all I knew.  Sound familiar?  A lot of the meals weren’t the healthiest either,  there was a lot of canned foods and processed. Mostly because they were always cheaper. Vegetables only ever came in a can. Oh and you can’t forget the mashed potatoes and sliced white bread on the table at every meal lol.

Well now that I have been eating clean and healthy , I feel like a whole new world has opened my eyes and nose.  The colours , the flavours !! Now don’t get me wrong, there are still a few things I will never eat.  But the majority of my taste buds are exploding with all the new flavours and textures.  This recipe for example is one that I originally would have turned my  nose up too, but now my nose loves all the new smells.  It’s also really fun to cook in the kitchen too.

This recipe is super simple and a really easy meal for a weeknight or weekend.  I had already had some Quinoa pre-cooked in the fridge but you could easily have that cooking while your Stir frying the Peppers and onions.  So here is how I prepared the Shrimp & Quinoa Stir Fry.

I cut up 3 halves of peppers ( yellow, green, red) chopped into small pieces.

  • 1 onion finely chopped,
  • 2 tbsp Olive oil to fry the peppers and onion till soft.
  • 10-12 uncooked shrimp ( peeled)
  • Handful or 1 cup of baby spinach
  • 2 cups of cooked Quinoa
  • 1 tbsp minced garlic
  • 1 tsp salt and pepper
  • 1 tsp of paprika
  • 1/2 tsp of cayenne pepper  ( you can add less or more depending on your spice level)
  • 1 tsp of Cumin
  • Instructions: 

Heat frying pan with 1 tbsp oil then add peppers and onions and fry until soft and onions are getting a golden colour.  You can then add the spinach , toss this around for a few minutes then add all the spices and if you have any you like to add please do so. Remember your the one eating it.  So I would add spices to what works best for myself and family.  Once the peppers and onion are ready add the shrimp until they’re pink and cooked.  Once that’s done remove from pan and add remaining oil  and then add the quinoa stir that around to get the spices from the pan then add the other ingredients. Stir that around to get all the flavours blended.  There you have it !! Enjoy your Stir Fry and let me know what you think of it. I’ll be doing a video of this recipe on Tuesday Aug 8. So feel free to join my on Facebook for the Live demo !!

My Second Week of SHIFT SHOP

IMG_0624This Program has really pushed my limits, the first week was tough and the funny thing is since I’ve started Beachbody programs, I always feel like I’m doing really good. In fact I get a little cocky about it thinking its easy and I’ll sail through the new program.  Well I’m hear to tell you , I am always wrong lol.

Just when I feel like I’m stronger or getting past the hard part, I start a workout and boy oh boy does it remind me I have a long way to go.  So this week the Shift Shop program increased the workout time to 35 min. Doesn’t sound like a whole lot of extra time right ?

Ha ha wrong , 10 min is a lot of extra time when your legs are burning and your sweating so bad you can barely see. Did I mention how much fun it is?!  Well this is what I like to call my playground.  Just me and the trainer , oh and the usual fur baby that likes to join me !! You can’t see in the picture but there was not one spec of my body that wasn’t dripping with sweat.

One of the things I have noticed with SHIFT SHOP is that the trainer CHRIS DOWNING , is very supportive and encouraging while he’s making you do things that I normally wouldn’t want to do. He had a saying in one of the exercises and it was this ” Don’t let the MOVE finish you , YOU finish the MOVE!”  He also really stresses at how he doesn’t want you to rush through the workout. He says to slow down and make sure do the form properly even if you have to modify , there’s no judging!!  Isn’t that such a great way to encourage people. Especially if they’re just starting out!!  We always feel clumsy ( or at least I did) little bit of a failure because you can’t do the proper push up etc. HE doesn’t care as along as you do the best you can.  I think that’s one of the reasons why I love this program so much. SO today after I wake up from my night shift I will push play and LOVE IT !!