Body Beast

Body Beast Week 4


You would think with myself doing these programs that I would be great at it? Well let me tell you, that is not always the case. First off, I’m trying a New Program and instead of going through the Nutrition Plan that you get with every program, I just figured to myself that I’ve done this enough times I know what I’m doing right? WRONG, way wrong.  Rule #1 never assume you know everything. By this week #4 I have done anything but lose weight, in fact, I have been gaining. Gaining so much that I’m heavier now than I have been for 2 years. I just about s*** my pant when I stepped on the scale and saw that number.

So I was getting discouraged and frustrated at the same time. Feeling like I should give up.  Second guessing myself. Maybe because this program focuses on weights more than Cardio, maybe that’s my problem? I haven’t been running like I used to thanks to the weather of course, but to be completely honest I haven’t felt like running either. Feeling fat, bloated you name it. I told my hubby the other day I think I need a treadmill or an exercise bike. He replied by saying I won’t do a treadmill, but I would probably use an exercise bike. So I thought perfect!!
I went into my next phase Week4 and I was thinking to myself I had to finish this week, then start something else. This wasn’t working for me. One of my fellow coaches suggested I add 10-minute trainer which is 10 min of straight cardio. To help me feel better. I know my nutrition wasn’t great I haven’t been following the plan like I should. But I figured I knew what I was doing.  Until last night I got a message from a fellow challenger and she knew I was doing the Body Beast! She asked me about my results and if I was improving. I told her NO. She asked if I was gaining weight? I told her YES!! She said she was having the same problem, so we met up this morning and talked about what changes we were feeling. Turns out that I wasn’t following the exact nutrition plan, and that is why my body doesn’t know what’s going on. I’m supposed to bulk up for the first two weeks, then cut back on carbs the last week and all that weight will start to come off because when your muscles grow they burn calories faster and you start to see the results.  This girl was talking about Macros’ and other stuff , then I thought to myself, how can I coach people if I don’t do the research?

Lesson learned. I am definitely not making that mistake again. I tell you. There is never a time that learning isn’t a good thing. I’ve never pretended that I know everything, in fact quite the opposite. I’m a wife, mom, daughter, caregiver, I share my experiences to let others know that it is possible. You can reach those goals you never thought possible. I’m not a Super trainer or a doctor.  But I also have had an experience of being overweight most of my adult life. I don’t look at the Super Trainers and think “OH MY GOODNESS” I’ll never be that thin. In fact, I won’t be, I’m 50 years old. What I’m working on is my health and making sure I have a happy lifestyle by both Mind, Body and Soul. I don’t have to prove anything to anyone. I have chosen to share my life experiences in hopes to help that person who feels like I felt and will know that it doesn’t have to be like that.

So after my great visit with my challenger, I got home looked up the nutrition plan and discovered the reason why I’m gaining and not feeling the best. The best thing is that this is what we call prep week, so I have time to focus and zone in on what plan will work for me and follow it. To the letter. So that way I can prove to myself, it can be done!  We can be our own worst enemies, we don’t need others to add to it! So that’s why I tell all my challengers, that you have to do this for yourself and only yourself. Because it will get tough, and if you don’t have a big enough reason “WHY” you’ll give up. No one can make you do it, only you can make that choice.  So I’m excited to see what this week and the next 4 weeks will do. I’m starting right, by having an awesome workout, even though it was early and I’m eating right too, by having a great lunch.  This was a great lesson to learn, it just goes to show you can never be too old to learn. Happy Wednesday !!


Saturday Routine !!

If there’s one thing I can always count on is getting a good sweat when I work with this fellow. Out of all the Trainers, I have to say SAGI is one of my favourites. My husband finds him very annoying but Hey, who’s doing the workout here?  When you find someone who motivates you and gets you laughing and enjoying then I don’t see how that can be a bad thing right?  So today was Bulk Back, and I’m proud to say that fighting my cold I was able to push myself a little bit more today and actually increased my weight. It feels so good when you see progress, I didn’t step on a scale, I didn’t even measure myself, what progress I noticed is that I could increase my weight and complete a whole set of reps without having to stop. That’s progress, even for this old girl!

Next week is my final week of this program and it’s flown so fast. But it’s been a really good change in my routine.  I’m contemplating doing another round, but I do miss my cardio and my running. I’m thinking I need to get a New( or Newly used ) Treadmill or Excercise Bike. I hate going to the gym to pay a membership and have to drive all the way into town. So I thought about getting a bike or treadmill for the house. Now here’s the dilemma, I mentioned to my husband about getting either a treadmill or Excercise bike. He said ” if you get a bike, I’ll probably use it too” so do I get a bike and know that he might use it once or twice or do I get a treadmill and continue with my training for the spring Marathon. UGH!! Which would you choose? and before any of you say both, my house isn’t big enough for both lol. I’ve already thought about it, lol.



Body Beast Day 6 & 7

Ok so, first of all, I don’t only have one shirt lol. It just so happened that I’m wearing the same shirt on both days. Not sure how that happened, probably because I’m in a “Miracle Morning Facebook Group” which means we’re trying to break the habit of hitting snooze and just get up and start your day productively. Not always feeling like your behind the 8 ball. It is working, a couple of times I actually woke up before my alarm. Which was a surprise to me.  But that’s another topic lol.

Day 6 was all about the Back and Biceps. Never really thought much about my back before Biceps yes probably because they’re easy to see. But the back not so much. It was a challenging workout. Doing pull-ups in a tempo manner is tough. I kept counting “1,2,3 to 6” as I’m lifting the weight and then the same count going down, for 15 reps. Then you go to 12 reps but you increase the weight. Finally, you go to  8 reps with your heaviest that you can handle.  SO it was a definite challenge, but I wanted to give it my all. Doing it halfway is not going to get me the results I need or want. Just like your job or anything else for that matter. It was a long workout, 53 min, but I’m finding that the time isn’t as bad as I thought It was going to be. In the start of this program, I would look at the time and think OMG there’s no way I can do this for an hour! But now I’m like holy S*** it’s done already?  That’s when you know you’re having fun!!

Day 7 is my favourite Day “LEG DAY” I’m not sure why? Because I hate lunges, I really dislike Bulgarian Split squat.  But for some reason, I get more excited when it comes to leg day, maybe because that includes my “Booty” and who doesn’t like to see progress in that department?!  I mentioned two exercises I could care less about, but they are a necessity that’s for sure, I think it’s mostly because I have discovered that I don’t have a lot of balance. Whenever I have to stand on one leg I’m all over the place. I know I’m getting better but it still gives me a hard time. But I don’t give up, I keep trying and I know that one of these days I’ll definitely get it and crush it. It just takes time. Besides, it’s better than not trying and never knowing if I can do it right?

Body Beast Day 4 & 5

These last two days have been tough because I have been fighting a bad headache. Day 4 was worse than Day 5, but I knew I would regret it if I didn’t at least try and I don’t know about you but I really hate that playing catch up feeling.  Somedays I always feel like I”m playing catchup, do you have those kinds of days?   SO I was going to give it my best shot and surprisingly it started to go away enough to let me push through.

Well, I’m going to tell you straight up Day 4 – Cardio was a killer. I have never sweat, swore or got out of breath all in one go in a long time. I was so relieved to know it was only 30 min.  There’s no way I could have done it any longer. Some of the moves/exercises were so hard, like this TOE TAP where you have to tap your toe on your bench as fast as you can.  OMG! Let me tell you I had to have a lot of breaks just to catch my breath. Of course, he had to throw in those PLYO PUSHUPS too. Those I did on my knees, no way could I do a full push up. But I got it done and as usual, I felt amazing after and thank goodness for my ENERGIZE there’s no way I could have pushed through without it, it kind of made me feel a little bad ass. Just saying. lol.

Yesterday’s workout was “Shoulders” now honestly I have never done a program that specifies certain areas of the body. I usually get the upper body, leg day etc. but this program is different in a way that it zones in on certain areas. So this was new to me. The one thing I learned is that this area “shoulders” I’m pretty weak at. I mostly used my 8lbs and very little 10 lbs. No big guns here. lol.  Not that I want big guns at all, but it’s really nice to start to feel the toning starting to work. No more chicken wings flapping in the air lol.  Again there were some tough moves, but I noticed I can actually start to lift my arms higher than I did before! SO that’s awesome, that’s my sign that progress is coming! Isn’t that a great feeling when you start something and with a little patience and consistency you start to see your results no matter what it is in your life.?

SO Today is Friday and it’s technically a “Rest” Day that’s a tough one, just because I get eager to do a new workout and see what Sagi( the Trainer) is going to make me do. But Rest is just as important as working out. So if the weather is decent enough I might take my baby LOLA for a short run after work.  We’ve had some crazy weather so it’ll be nice to get outside if it’s nice enough today.   Have a HAPPY HAPPY FRIDAY !!


Body Beast Day 2 & 3

IMG_1878Ok I was feeling a little Beasty today and boy was it a killer. I’m not sure what hurts more. lol. I love this program it has really made a difference in me already, it’s moved up the list to my favourites! I almost want to say I love it more than my Master’s Hammer & Chisel. lol.  But I won’t tell Autumn. That will be my secret.  I am getting excited before I even begin to see what I’m going to get to do today! It’s not hard work, it’s fun.  When you get past the beginning of the exercise and start getting into a routine, you actually look forward to it and love how you feel afterwards.  But I will tell you this, if I didn’t have my Energize I’m not sure if I would be able to finish the workout as well as I can. lol. Thank goodness for that. It also helps me stay awake on Nights too. DOUBLE Bonus for me!!IMG_1922

Body Beast

IMG_1834Sunday  was the official start of Body Beast. Even though I started yesterday, today was the official Day 1- Arms, Tri, Chest. My goodness it did not fail in pushing me harder than I thought I could. But I have to tell you I loved every minute of it, even with my husband grumping about Sagi in the background. He’s starting to remind me of the two old men in the balcony of the muppets. Do you remember those fellows? Well I’m married to one now, not quite sure which one it would be, but he’s definitley one of them for sure.

Anyway, I had done a few moves that I’ve never done before and I was quite suprised how hard some of them were, I really shouldn’t be surprised beings who is the trainer but still it was difficult at one point I had to drop down a weight, it was too much yet. Hopefully by the end of this program I’ll be able to carry through with the heavier weight.  I love the diversity of each program and how much they stress that if you can’t do their level it’s ok, drop down a weight, it’s ok, just as long as your able to finish it that’s what counts. Doing the best you can at your level, I love the saying ” Don’t compare your chapter 1 to someone else’s chapter 15″ this is so true because we as humans are terrrible for playing the comparison game arent we?  Even when I’m watching the workout on TV and Sagi asks how much weight theyre using in the next set? I used to compare but now I know that they used to be using the weights I use but have been able to reach for a heavier weight do to consistency and motivation. I’ll get there too. I know it!

Now as far as nutrition goes, I find it very difficult to keep track of my nutrition on Nightshift. Going from nights to days. What I can and cannot eat. But I tried to stick to the plan as best as possible. Do you find that troublesome too. ? But this week coming up I’ll be able to really focus and zone in on my nutrition. You can’t do one without the other, trust me I used to think that but now I know it’s no point.  They work as a team. If one isn’t playing the other one is bound to suffer.  Thank goodness for meal plan that’s all I have to say! So I’m asking for help to stay accountable. Comment below or PM me to help me stay on track, and away from my mom’s treaty drawer!!