IMG_0657I am so happy that you have checked out my page!  My name is Sherry Genereaux, I am  50 year old mom of 2 daughters 26 & 24 , have been married for 27 years. I am a happy Fur Momma to 4 dogs and 2 cats.  I used to be a big city girl most of my life, but my husband & I decided to make a big change and moved out West!  Now we live in the country and love it.

Recently my mom has moved in with my husband and I , and if you click on the  Category ” My Mom” you will get to see the journey I have had with my Mom and her going through Dementia.  She has been living with us for 2 years now.  SO I’m sure you can imagine the stories

I get asked quite a few times how I came up with the name “Cupcakes to Kale” well, its quite easy.  For most of my adult life pretty much age 20 and on, I have been overweight. After having each child I certainly didn’t lose the baby weight, in fact I gained more. I was in denial , thinking I wasn’t more than 130 or 150. I hardly ever stepped on the scale. I had reached a point when I stayed around 160 , and being only 5’2″ that was a bit of a difference. I had tried every diet known to man, and some was successful for a little while,  some was a total fail.  I was diagnosed with Post partum depression after my first born, and I found it very hard to get out of it. So years later and many pounds later I found myself going through a big major depression and anxiety.  SO much so that I couldn’t even go to work, I ended up going on sick leave. I hated myself, the way I felt , the way I looked, and just wanted to bury myself under my blankets for life. IMG_8138Our family had 2 weddings one year and I hated every minute of the thought of going out in public the size and way I looked. I actually had to weigh myself (because the doctor made me) I was at my highest weight I have ever been 250 lbs., which I’m sure you can guess that just made me more depressed.  I was on a lot of medications to get out of this depression/ anxiety. That’s when my husband got me to go on vacation to visit my cousin in Moosejaw, Sk. which was a turning point in my life. I knew deep down I had to do something or else I was going in the black pit for life. So we moved out West!!

Yes it was so scary but it was one milestone in my life I have to say “saved me” , when I look back.  SO how did I get to “Cupcakes To Kale”? well I knew when we moved out here I still was on medication , still 250 lbs. The difference was I knew I had to do something to change myself. So when my husband was away for 3 weeks and I was by myself in a town(hamlet ) with not knowing a soul.  IMG_0317I started researching and finding ways to get rid of eating chips, licorise, chocolate bars. etc etc. Drinking 5 to 6 cans of pop a day.  SO I slowly started getting rid of the sugar in my body , cutting out the processed foods. It was tough I was all alone, but I have learned that you come to a point in your life when you know you have to do something. You have reached your low. So now there was nowhere but to go UP!  The weight started to come off , but it was a struggle.  I then discovered the Couch to 5K and started adding that to my routine , I actually was able to do my first ever 10K ! Then my Mother came out to visit , only for me to realize she needed our help. So with that stress , I started falling back in the the slippery slope I was before which scared me.

I noticed a good friend on Facebook and she was working out and laughing and smiling and I thought how can she be doing that and enjoying it? SO I asked her and she told me about her program. That’s when I had my second Milestone. It changed my life for the better in so many ways, I have lost over 110 lbs. and I have rediscovered myself. Hey I actually found out I love myself. IMG_6622

With the support and accountability with my challenge groups and my coaches I have been able to keep the 110lbs off even with the stresses of life.  The difference between now and then is that I have built myself not only stronger on the outside but stronger on the inside too. I am able to handle situations so much better and healthier. Not just an emotional eater. SO that’s what gave me the idea of coaching and paying it forward.  I also have gotten out of my introvert self and stepped outside of my comfort zone and reached out to people and helping them achieve goals they never thought possible.  So one of the first things I did as a coach was make a like page on Facebook that directly gears towards my fitness and nutrition  oh and some MOM too lol. I was in the shower when I thought of the name , my husband used to always joke around that I would be full from supper but goodness put a dessert in front of me and Poof !! GONE !! SO I thought to myself , I have gone from literally eating Cupcakes anytime of the day to Kale !! I love it ! Best Decision I ever made , besides marrying my husband.

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