What Changed my Marriage

What Changed my Marriage


Transformations not only happen on the outside it also happens on the inside.

There is a huge shift , almost like a big wave when you start to change your eating habits and your overall health.

My husband and I have been married 28 years , we dated from high school . We have been through a lot , but I want to tell you when I was at my highest weight I wasn’t to happy on the inside especially when it came to intimacy

I hated how I looked and felt and I thought how on earth is this guy ( my husband) going to find me sexy

Now let me tell you right now , my husband never ever said a word about my weight or if so wasn’t sexy in fact he has mentioned sometimes now about how he misses my (Boobs) lol

So he himself never made me feel unsexy , it was all me percent.How I perceived myself.

Which was harsh , ashamed, I hated every part of my body , except my hands but I could never grow beautiful nails lol

So when I started this journey and the weight started coming off , it literally made a huge shift in my self confidence , I actually caught myself going into some lingerie shops looking for nice outfits

I felt like the girl he dell@in love with when we were in highschool , now I’ll never be that weight again, because I would literally starve myself all through high school

So I’m not trying to be skinny. I’m working on being healthy and oh boy Happy

Which I can successfully say has been the best thing for our marriage and my family

You know the saying “ a Happy wife is a Happy Life?” I believe it’s true because , I know longer take it out on my family or hubby how miserable I felt inside. Because instead of being a “PROBLEM Thinker , I am a Solution Thinker !”

So I ask you are you a Solution Thinker ?
Or a Problem Thinker ?

And yes it has made a huge difference in our marriage

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