Wow What A Week Indeed

Wow What A Week Indeed


Last Monday this amazing program started.  Now I know you all are thinking well I’ve done lots of programs and I say the same thing.  Well my friends I’m here to tell you that , that is not the case.  The 80 Day obsession is in it’s own unique way.  In fact I highly recommend it for the simple fact that it builds you up for this Bad Boy.  Now I’m not saying that if your a beginner, Lord No that you should feel in the least way intimidated.  The best part is that there are modifiers ,  heck I even Modified the modifier ( is that even possible).

I was so excited to try this mostly because it’s only 30 min a day instead of 60 min. Plus you get 3 days off. Which I told myself I was totally going to run on those 3 days lol. Well I ran once and the other two I spent recovering.  I found that I want to listen to the Trainer( Joel) instructions so that way I will get the best results!

Day 1 was good,  was super excited to get started. It was challenging and I had to modify but It went so quick and poof I was done.

Day 2 was Interval training.  I love how this worked plus it made me feel bad ass after wards.  A lot more doable with only 30 min.  I still sweated like a fat man in  a sauna but it was good.

Day 3 was a rest day which strangely enough I was like ” awe just getting pumped”  but I was glad it was a rest day it gave me time to work on my running, which is my passion for sure.  Drank my recover and on with my day.

Day 4 was Back and Shoulders I believe and boy oh boy was that one an eye opener.  I felt that , for sure, but what I felt and noticed was that I am actually feeling muscles I never could before!! BRING it ON Joel I got this.

Day 5 was Leg Day and that was one of my absolute favourites. But after today it went down a few notches lol.   It was good don’t get me wrong but boy was it tough.   I had to modify the triple bear. which pissed me off , but it’ll get there.  ITs a work in progress for sure!!  Besides I don’t want to be at the end of the chapter I’m enjoying the ride!!

Can’t wait to see what WEEK 2 will be like !!  Here’s to day 1 !!


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