Stop Letting Other’s Opinions Squash Your Dreams

Stop Letting Other’s Opinions Squash Your Dreams

I think one of the downfalls about being a woman is that we tend to worry about what others think of us , or their expectations of us. Without looking inside and living what we need to do to make our life the best that suits us.

Making our dreams and goals actually happen, instead of wishing “ Someday I would like to ____”. Or too afraid to even try!

So how do you do that? How do you start, when you’ve done this most of your life. It’s time for change my friend.

I listened to a podcast by @Rachel Hollis Called Rise , as well as her book “GIRL WASH YOUR FACE”  and it really hit home to me because yes unfortunately I was one of those people , so with what she said “ someone else’s opinion of you is none of your business” ,  That really opened my eyes and I hope

it does for you too.
You create what you need to create because you have the gift to create it.
You can’t make people like or understand it , you have to understand that their opinions will only matter if you let it.

If your going to work on your dreams and what you want to achieve , you’ll have to make a decision on what you want most of making it happen or worrying about what others think! I hope this post will encourage you to get out of thought and use your energy to create and achieve , rather than your energy on the negative and slowly kill your dreams.

Choose you! Choose your dreams and not let anyone make your decisions for you!

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