Dream Coming True

Dream Coming True

I have been a little quiet on my blog and I have to apologize. I have to say this year so far has been a whirlwind of emotion.  In the beginning of the year, I got an email stating that I was a finalist in the Beachbody Challenge.  Some of you might not know what that means,  so here is a brief summary.

When I made that decision to change my health and look after myself, it was a very scary time. I was alone and with many failures before I felt this was going to be one of those many. But I knew I had to change. So I changed my mindset from “Can’t to Can” and I was doing pretty good, until my Mom got pretty sick and all those bad habits snuck up on me. So I started to go into depression again, until my friend showed me a New Path, and I fell in love right away.  Fast forward, is that I started losing and I loved the inspiration and accountability and motivation so much I became a Coach too!.

One of the extra bonuses, with Being a Coach is that after every challenge you can submit your before and after photos!  Which I did , because the program I was doing I loved so much I wanted that Dam Free T shirt!  Did not know that I would win money, let alone be a finalist!

Every year they ( Beachbody) Hold a huge Conference and I get to go! Thanks to my Husband and family I will be able to be surrounded by other Coaches who have become close friends and learn and celebrate our successes.  Which probably doesn’t sound like a big deal, but this is such a huge deal for me because it has given my life back!  Has taken me on a journey I never thought was possible, let alone doable.

So after a few panic attacks yesterday, and coming to the realization that this is actually happening, I will actually be in the same room as so many other people that have mentored me , guided me, helped me reach my goals! Personal trainers that  I see every morning , will be live and in the same room with me, Top Coaches who are not only smart but have taught me how to be a coach will be in the same room as me!

I woke up this morning and I thought to myself, this is what I love! I love sharing to you that anything is possible, this too can be you!  If you just change that one emotion “FEAR and SELF DOUBT” and turn it into following your dream and making it possible. You too can be right beside me, and trust me when I say right beside you! There is nothing I won’t do to help you on your journey , I’ve been there and I know all the ups and downs!

If you get anything out of my post its this, Dreams are possible , they do come true you just have to trust the process and believe in yourself enough to Chase it!

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