80 Day Obsession Phase 1

80 Day Obsession Phase 1


What a program, I am so excited that I decided to do this program! It has come in my life at exactly the right time! Sadly I had gained 20 lbs before Christmas, I wasn’t in to it. I started eating sugary foods, greasy foods etc.  I got on that too old familiar train of mine.  So when this program started on Jan 15, I couldn’t believe how quickly my body and my mind had changed. It was exactly what I needed.

I thought I would give you a little run down of what the month of Phase 1 to the program did for me. There are 3 phases, with each phase getting a little harder in workouts, and the nutrition changes each phase as well.  So the first phase I what I just completed and I’m going to tell you something, I never expected to get this fast results so quickly. I have been doing Beachbody for over a year now, and each program has taught me a little more about myself.  So why is this one different? Well quite simply it’s the “Timed Nutrition”  the workouts are different, absolutely and they’re longer but when I did Body Beast they were an hour as well, so that didn’t worry me. But the Timed Nutrition frightened me a bit, until I got into week two. Week one was like a Detox to me, getting rid of all the crap that I was eating, bag of licorise, take out etc. I’ve done the 3 Day Refresh before so I knew what to expect that week.

But the second week, my energy sky rocketed, I felt awesome!  My clothes started to fit better, I wasn’t hungry, I wasn’t bloated anymore.  I wasn’t craving any crap anymore, in fact there was so many times I had to eat and when my alarm went off , I would be like really? Already? But that awful time for me is after supper before bed , I wasn’t running to the fridge or cupboard to grab my late night snack. I would have a cup of tea and be done with it!

By week 3 it just kept improving, the workouts were finally getting better for me. By that I mean I was able to finally doing the whole workout without having to pause, or able to increase my weights. It felt great! I was excited for each day, especially for “BOOTY” or “LEG” day not a huge fan and I never will be of Saturday’s workout, It’s called “CARDIO FLOW” , but I get it done and I feel good afterwards because I know it’s the next step towards my goal! On Sunday I finally weighed myself, which I am notorious for always checking. But Autumn said to wait until Sunday Morning and wait until the end of the Phase 1. Well I got to the end of week 3 and couldn’t wait any longer lol. I had actually dropped 5 pounds and 9 Inches!!

The Last week was the best by far I was able to increase my weights yet again, and I was actually getting my nutrition in a system and doing quite well. Now I did have some slip ups like when I’m on the road to a client and forget to bring my meal with me, so that would delay my meals. But honestly overall did pretty darn good as far as I’m concerned.

Now I have already started Phase 2 but I’m not going to say too much, you’ll just have to check in with my blog Next Sunday!! But if it’s anything like last week or even Phase 1 there is definitely going to be some challenges and some exciting Results!

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