Sweet Potato Hash

Well this is week#2 of my #80DayObsession. One thing I have noticed is that my tastebuds have been bursting with all the new recipes I have been making! I love how I can prepare these meals ahead of time and I can store them and they’re ready to go!

I have never been a Hash kind of person, but I think its another way of saying ” throw everything together in one pot” lol. So I was like Hey lets give this a try! OMG it tasted incredible. Now the recipe calls for Chicken or Turkey sausage but I didn’t have any on hand so I substituted for Ground Turkey. I had to add some extra seasonings, the chicken or turkey sausage already has seasoning so I would stick to the list if you used sausage. If you use ground chicken or turkey you’ll definitely want to add some extra. Give it that punch!

Here is the recipe and I’d love your input!! Let me know if your a “hash kind of person” if your not maybe this will convert you?!


So I used 2 cups of sweet potato diced small and steamed until almost done
4 reds or 2 cups worth of sausage or ground chicken/turkey
4 cups of veggies (I used onion, red pepper and spinach

Brown sausage in pan until almost done. Remove and keep a bit of oil to saute onions and peppers. Return sausage to pan and steamed sweet potato. Add spinach at the end.
I added a bit of garlic powder, sage, oregano and cumin after I added the meat back in.

Enjoy super quick and easy!!

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