Well Day 2 and I’m still surviving, actually the workouts are harder than the meals! Actually so far the hardest day was Saturday for me, even though it hadn’t kicked off until Monday I was already getting myself used to the Timed Nutrition, and with that day being my first day of my Nights I’m still up most of the day then all night. So that was tricky for sure. Here’s another funny thing I’ve noticed already too. When I would get home from work around 7:30 I was always starving and needed something to eat! That’s when I would go Carb heavy, which is probably the worst thing considering I would be going to bed shortly after. I even caught myself eating Mini Wheats! yep I said it and I’m admitting to it too.  No wonder I was gaining weight lol. I was nervous about the Timed nutrition because my last meal before bed is at 3 am. I usually don’t go to bed until around 8-9 am.  But I am happy to announce that I haven’t craved to eat when I get home at all! In fact I don’t even have to convince myself either, I just don’t even think about it. Definite move in the right direction I say! Now I do drink my “RECHARGE” which is a drink to help restore and heal any muscles that were sore during the workout, so I’m ready to go the next day without being sore or a lot less sore than I would have been.

What I was surprised about with this workout was usually when we do “BOOTY” workouts we always use weights. But this time we only used one tool. The Resistance Band. You wouldn’t think this little green thing would cause so much burning of the butt, but let me tell you it did it’s job wonderfully! I even switched up to a “BLUE” which is the heavy band. I am not a co ordinated person at all. These workouts are truly a test for me too. But I’m confident that I can do it, I will do it. Nothing is stopping me from achieving my goals! Did you have something you were so determined about that nothing would come between you and your goal?!

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