Mom’s Big Adventure

So this week has been a very trying week for mom and myself. My mom has always been terrible at letting me know when she’s in pain or discomfort. I know it’s because of her childhood and if she complained about something she would get in more trouble than what the complaint was about. So I understand why she has a hard time telling me she has a headache or her back is hurting I have gotten pretty good at noticing the signs. But for a while there Mom kept taking out her dentures and then shoving them back in if I saw this. So I questioned her and she finally admitted that they were hurting her.  So just before we went away to Ontario I took her to a denturist and sure enough he said she has sores. I also found out these have been the same ones she’s had since she first got them. So her molars were worn down to the nub.  She just said she couldn’t afford it. But Terry and I said you have to have new ones. They’re a necessity. So we paid for them and she has been getting appt for them. They started off with impressions, then the wax model to see how they fit etc.

Well I made a big mistake and booked her hair appt in the middle of the two appts. for her Denture fittings.  Plus I had to rush her which is not at all.  As the day went on the worse she got. But on friday was her last appt. I thought she would be excited but in fact she was more anxious. It didn’t matter what I did she was at me with snide remarks and whatever I said to her, she would snap back with a different point and it didn’t matter what I said she was on one way and I certainly was not allowed to be on it lol. Let’s just say it was a very quiet ride into town. I tried to see if she’d like to play bingo on her tablet and she said ” NOPE” because you always pipe in and tell me how to play it.

It wasn’t going to matter what I said ” I was the bad guy” so thankfully when we got to the denturist office it finally cheered her up.  I she finally smiled and it cheered her up. She was in a lot better mood after that. She even wanted to go to the Rink for Burger (mostly because Terry was cooking) but it was much better.  Thank goodness.  So this week we have a dr. appt on Tuesday and the following we’re in Regina for her follow up. Fingers crossed it will be a lot more successful mood wise. lol

This little lady has finally got her pearly whites (literally) and the smile on her face was well worth it. I know  she doesn’t mean it at the time, and I know she’ll apologize later in the night. I just have to brace through it.  Choose my battles they say!!

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