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If there’s one thing I’ve learned in this short 4 years of my weightless journey is this I’m a visual person, I need to see my goals, motivation, my inspiration and I do that by One – my vision board which I have to help me stay focused with my “WHY” and so I don’t lose focus on what my goals are. Second is that I have a tattoo, that also gives me that inspiration that I need when I feel defeated or I want to give up. It says “Courage” underneath my  Uncle’s favourite character of all time Snoopy! If there is anyone who I know would be behind me reaching my goals and finding what I need to do with my life would have been my Uncle Harry. He has always supported me emotionally through anything No Matter What. So I know if he was alive today he would definitely be in my corner.

I also wear shirts that have a certain saying so if I’m ( Once again) feeling defeated or that I should quit I have those to let me know that I’m doing exactly what I’m supposed to do! My Audio books as well help me expand and grow and have helped me so much already! The one book I am reading a second time had me do something today and the other day that I would have never done in a million years. But in the book ” Your A Badass, At Making Money” she talked about how in order to set goals and get yourself actually doing it instead of procrastinating, you need to go buy something that is something you would never buy before , something you’ve wanted but it’s out of your price range enough to scare you, maybe even terrify you  a little. Well that was me this week. I did two purchases that scared the crap out of me. Now your probably asking why? right? Well the first item I have wanted for a long time. And I had full intentions of buying it, but it was one of those items that wasn’t a NEED it was a want. It was the New Apple watch, series 3 with gps.  I had a series 1 and honestly there was nothing wrong with it, but the newest watch has a built in GPS which is awesome for my running. So I took the plunge and made the purchase.  Thinking I was done with my splurges, my sister in law mentioned these boots that she bought which aren’t cheap but they last a lifetime. and are so well built and comfortable. With working Nights at Walmart for now I have not had a descent boot that has not made my feet so sore by the end of the 8 hours. Not to mention the fact that I’m on my feet a lot. So when I bought a pair for my daughter for Christmas I really liked the look the feel and I couldn’t stop thinking about them. I kept looking at them online and then I found they had a pair of RED ones. I was knowing they were calling my name for sure.  So this morning I went out to buy a winter pair of Moccasins and there they were staring at me in the face.

I was letting my sub conscious talking me out of them, but then I remembered what my book said, that sometimes you need to do this to push me into not being lazy about my coaching and pushing forward, these would give me the drive I need. Now what’s funny is that there were all kinds of people buying this very boot, and the younger ones probably don’t have the same effect about buying them as myself. But I’ve NEVER spent that kind of money on myself EVER ! So to do this was giving my heart a race and my mind was thinking of every excuse known to man, a couple of times I actually almost put the boot back. But I knew I would regret it, later. As well I was getting sweaty, my breathing was going faster. But when It was my turn to go to the cashier I still had the boot in my hand. I knew it was something I wanted to do , correction “Had to do” I paid for them and I’m wearing them. I did hesitate when I was about to take off the tag but I did it. Now every time I look at them I know I can’t procrastinate I have to dig in lol and do the work, grow my business to justify this cost.

I will do anything I have to grow this business and make my life what I know it’s capable of. I have a passion and theres No stopping me! I know that working at Walmart is only Temporary and I have to focus on my big Goal, and I only have 18 months to do it, so this little purchase (which wasn’t little to me) will help me do that. Such pressure for a little boot lol. Do you have a special item you would love to have but are too afraid to purchase? I’d love to hear if I’m the only one that feels the way I did when I bought them.

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  1. Aren’t the boots great? I bought mine 2 years ago and they’re in great shape still.

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