Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all my friends and family that We ( Terry, Mom and Myself) have the absolute pleasure of having in our lives.  It has been an amazing Year, ups and downs but I want to say mostly ups thank goodness.. Mom’s health started off rough but she has improved considerably. She still has her days and I’m sure the Dementia will increase but she is as good as she will be. It was such a joy to be able to spend Christmas with my Family and Friends. I have such an amazing Husband and it was kind of funny to hear people ask where he was when I would go and visit, their first response was “Where’s Terry?” so when I told him he’s at home, they thought the worst, if anything it’s farther from the truth. We are stronger now than we have ever been!!  We just know that we are both needed at different places at the same time.  Mom gets to spend Christmas with Dad and I get to spend it with my girls and honestly I think he’s enjoying the break from Mom and I.

Besides Santa was very good to him, He got the Dvd set of Hogans Heroes, his cashews, Beef jerky and all the neighbours keep bringing him food. lol.  As for Mom and I we have been spoiled as well. The girls did an amazing gift for Gram and got her, her very own Tablet and the most Bling anyone would ever want!! She was so happy and ecstatic it was hilarious! So when I face timed Terry all she did was scream at how excited that she has her very own lol.  She has told me that the visit she’s having with Dad has been really good and they have actually been holding hands sometimes. So thats a positive for sure!

Last night was the Traditional Christmas Eve dinner and without fail my sister in law Diane did an amazing job. There were so many fixings, and it was so nice to see baby THEA and have a fun time. I finally got to spend time with my other amazing sister in law Colleen, I have missed her so much. It was so nice to just sit have a cup of tea and chat. It felt like old times, which is truly hard when I’m so far away. Luckily it won’t be much longer.

I couldn’t believe in the short few months when Terry and I were down how much baby Thea has grown, she already has two teeth! But she was so adorable even my Niece Courtney couldn’t keep her hand off her, playing with her. Thea was very surprised about Di’s dogs and cats some would say she was, Mesmerized lol. The dogs and Dave were awesome, even little ODIN was tuckered out by the time it was clean up after our amazing supper.

The Night was ending so I dropped Eryn home and went over to my Very best friend’s house Ian and Lee’s I have to say they are the best friends anyone could have. They have the biggest hearts and so amazing as well as their children. Gillian we have known since she was 2 and to see her now she is just incredible.  I had the privilege and the honour to hold the”Man of the hour” Baby Jude and what a perfect beautiful little man he is! I couldn’t  believe how incredible he is. Becca and Justin are amazing she is so calm and cool and Justin is just Beaming with pride! I finally got to see my dearest and closest friend Lee, it has been killing me that I couldn’t be here when she had her surgery but I was able to see her last night and it felt so good.  We hugged and talked, and hugged some more, we’re hoping we can get together again before I fly out.

That’s the bugger of it all, is how fast time flies. It goes way to fast in my eyes. But I am so honoured and happy and Blessed to be able to be with all the family and friends that I have.  I hope everyone of you have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!  and enjoy your time with your family and friends. I have a lot more to do before Mom and I head back so I’ll keep you all posted!!

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