Hubby’s Birthday

Dec 19,1966 is my Husband’s birthday! this will be the first time since we started dating that I won’t be there to celebrate his birthday. Now the funny thing is that his family for as long as I can remember have never been big on birthday’s. Which is a total shock to me, my Mom has always made birthdays a big deal. Not that we have money, my mom was a single mom raising my sister and myself. So she would make sure that we felt special. Like I didn’t have to the dishes or I could pick what my special supper would be. I would always feel like a princess on my birthday. So you can see why I felt it strange that my husbands  family never really felt like celebrating someone’s birthday. So even though I always hear him say ” I don’t want anything for my birthday” I always do something anyway. lol.

Sunday we are celebrating my husband’s 51st birthday which is strange to say , only because it means we’ve been together for over 33 years. Our usual routine for his birthday or any of our birthday’s is we go out for supper and a movie. Luckily we will be seeing “STAR WARS” huge fan by the way. But there is some exciting stuff happening too. The holiday train is coming to town so we are going to see that and then have a lovely brunch.  Then enjoy a nice evening at the show before mom and I head out to Regina.

It will be strange not being with him on his birthday, the very first birthday we spent together I bought him a He Man cake and put a bristol board up on my parents wall with Christmas lights on it.  I know pretty lame right? Well back then, I thought it was cool. lol.  He is quite the catch. If I do say so myself. 

Now he can be a real pain in the ass , but he’s my pain. I love him dearly for it. He is my rock and I couldn’t have found a better best friend, or soul mate. Even if we don’t see eye to eye on certain things like(eating healthy, exercise, the girls) we still have a lot of fun and love each other even more. He sometimes comes off as a Bear but he’s truly a big soft Bear.  Happy Birthday Hubby, I hope you know how much you are loved and mean to us.  xoxo

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