This morning I wrote about positive affirmations. Do you use positive affirmations in your life? Positive affirmations are statements that you wish to become true.
The more you repeat these positive affirmations the more your subconscious gets on board and begins to see them as the reality.

I never knew this existed until I started my own personal development and started reading and expanding my mind. Becoming stronger and more confident. Now I am a total believer about Positive Affirmations. So I wanted to challenge you if your up for the challenge!!

Get out some notecards or sticky notes and write down some affirmations starting with “I AM” and then state in a positive way things you will achieve and qualities you possess.

Stand up tall, look yourself in the mirror and read those statements out loud with conviction. Read them every single day as if they are already true.

Trust me on this!!!

The power of positivity is a game changer.

Have you heard of this saying before, “where intention goes energy flows”. If you want something to come to fruition you must will it to happen, you must take action towards the goal and you must believe that it can come true for you. If you are filling your mind with negative self talk then you are going to unconsciously hold yourself back and you will not take action because you don’t believe it can come true.

Today I encourage you to create your positive affirmations and share those publicly.

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