Mary Poppins

There are a few nights a week that my husband is away for work, which is usually the time that mom and I watch stuff that we know he wouldn’t care for. So I put in a movie “Saving Mr Banks” and I have to say there were a few things I was shocked about while we were watching this movie. The first thing was that Mom really took the movie to heart and it was the first time I’ve seen her cry during a movie. Now I know your probably thinking big deal. But this lady would cry at a commercial let alone a movie. She would be sobbing during any movie. So what shocked me is that since her surgeries, she hasn’t cried or shown much emotion at all. I’d be over on the couch sobbing and she would be sitting there and then say “good movie” that was it. So to see her cry with this movie was so good. It meant she was her old self again, even if it was short lived.
The second shocker was that she informed me that She has never seen “Mary Poppins” I looked at her and said are you sure, it’s been around for a long time? she said “No” I don’t even know what it’s about?! Which shocked the heck out of me. Funny thing is I don’t really remember if I saw it first at the theatre, which I’m pretty sure I did. But anyway Guess what she’s getting for Christmas?!

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