Being Sneaky

It’s no surprise that for as long as I’ve been old enough to recognize my Mom has been a real sneak when it comes to her snacks.  I can remember on Halloween she would tell my sister and I to get out there and have fun but make sure we had a pillowcase full. Then, of course, she would have to go through it.  Almost positive she had her fair share of treats lol.

When my girls were old enough to eat food, my mom made sure she had a “Treaty” drawer so whenever they came over to Grammy and Papa’s house they knew exactly what drawer to go to first.  I remember teasing her saying we never had a treaty drawer when we were younger. Then she would reply, this is different they are my “grandbabies”. That was that.

My mom has always been a fussy eater, but there are a few food items that she never says no to one is Popcorn, and second is either Liquorice or Jujubes.  Now, mind you they always had to be fresh, and soft, as well lots and lots of butter too.  Now that I’m much older I’m pretty sure her hiding stuff is probably from her childhood and how strict my Nanna was, I remember a story of my Aunt trying to impress my Uncle (before they were married) and made a Peach pie while my Nana was at work. My mom was on the lookout and the pie had to be eaten and gone before she came home. So 4 kids and this handsome fellow my Aunt was trying to impress were eating peach pie fresh out of the oven, probably burning their mouths lol.  So like I said No surprise that Mom hides stuff. But the other day when we were getting ready to watch a movie, Terry was recovering from a tooth extraction and went to grab a kleenex. He stopped, looked at me and started laughing. Mom & I were curious until he pulled out a baggy full of jujubes out of the kleenex box. The best part was that Mom was just as shocked, and was even trying to figure out how it there, the only jujubes left were orange, black, yellow(which are the flavours she doesn’t care for). Well, we laughed quite a bit, and she was still shocked and tried to figure out which pet put them there. She still claims to this day that it wasn’t her!!

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