Christmas In Ontario

Normally when we fly home for vacation ( hubby and I) we stay at my daughter’s or my sister in laws. While we’re there, but this time it’s Mom and I fly home for Christmas. This is the first Christmas that Mom is actually well enough and believes it or not doesn’t remember the last two Christmases that past because she was so sick. So in her eye’s she has not been witout my Dad at Christmas in over 30 years.

So we decided that no matter what with her health being really good, that Mom & I would fly home. My husband is staying back at our place just because we don’t want to leave the dogs outside for a week in the winter. The weather has been very unpredictable. I chatted with my daughter about my sleeping arrangements and with my other daughter living there and the pets she’s working through Christmas with her working it would make more sense for me to stay with Mom & Dad.

Well, one night when I was tucking her in bed, and making sure she had everything she asked if I was going to be staying at my Sister in Laws house for a few nights while we were in Ontario? I said well, I wasn’t really planning on it. ” Why do you ask?” Then she said: ” Well I think it would be a really good idea!” So I asked her why she wanted to me to stay with my Sister in Laws? BIG MISTAKE. You know those questions you ask and then as soon as you ask if you wished you didn’t lol. Well, that was the question, Mom said that she and Dad needed some alone time! They needed their privacy, I would be in the way. My first response was “TMI ” TMI” Mom, but what was said, was said. lol

So apparently I’m looking for a place to stay for a few nights. So my parents can have their privacy etc. Who would have thought at their age, it was something they still wanted. I guess it’s a blessing and a really nice thought knowing they still love each other that way still.

In a way, I felt like I should ask if I should knock first before I go in the apartment. lol.  I just hope it’s going to be a better trip then the August trip. And that my dad is more responsive to my mom. But time will tell. All I know is I keep thinking of these old jackrabbits getting it on lol.

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