Big Changes!


What a whirlwind this year has been, I can’t believe how much I have actually learned and been able to accomplish!  When I decided to change my old lifestyle for a healthier lifestyle, I never thought it would have gotten me to this stage in my life,  which is  when I realized that I wanted to share what I have learned and help people reach goals like myself that I never thought I could do.  So I decided to Coach and encourage and share and with that came accountability and my eagerness to learn. Who knew at age 50 I have finally figured out what my passion and purpose in life is!

With this learning and developing I have been able to start a BLOG that I thought would be so scary, I have been doing Live videos which from a girl who would hide behind everyone when it was time for family pictures or any other picture.  Recently I have started a Crockpot Email Group which is another big step. So just like how life is always evolving and changing so will my Blog, I have so many ideas that I reached out to my girl( Blogger Genius) and we are working on it to make it NEW and IMPROVED with lots of cool new ideas and I can’t wait for you guys to see it!  It will be coming soon, so hang in there and THANKS so much for all your support! It really does mean a lot and it shows me that I am living my dream and Passion! I will always be working on what ways to improve I would love any tips or comments you might have!

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