Cremation & Bath Day

Christmas 2006 37

Yesterday was the first time in a while that Mom remembered that Sunday’s are usually her bath day. But when we did the Exercise Bike trick( which didn’t turn out ) like we thought It would lol. Then I had my Blog Expert come over and help me decide on some changes for my BLOG so exciting! So Mom’s bath never happened. Well as I sure you know Mom was quite pleased that it got missed.

Well, this morning I went in to say “Good Morning” and she was still sleeping. I told her I was heading over to the coffee club and when I got back we would do her bath. So the look on her face, was priceless hoping I would forget lol.  Then she informed me she was up till 3:30 am, she was so tired. I made a mental note to call the Dr. tomorrow and see what we should do about her medication.  When Hubby and I went on our

When Hubby and I went on our Date night last night instead of our usual Tuesday, I put on “Making a Murderer”, even though its a few years old. She wasn’t well enough to remember it. When we got back she was all over it about how this poor guy was being wrongly accused etc. So when I finished my lunch I told Mom I would start her bath and she informed me she was very much involved with this case! I said it was ok, we can pause it. Well, the look I got was hilarious. My lunch was finished and I went upstairs to start the tub. She was not happy. But agreed and paused the movie. When she got in the tub we started our usual routine. Then the fun began, the “I hate Baths mom” came out to play. She started telling me I take too long, I wash over and over again at least 10x. It’s not necessary.  I blabbed to everyone her personal business( she doesn’t know about my Blog) then it got really good. I started washing her hair. Now the Nurse in me had a very hard time not laughing. So picture this. I’m rinsing her hair and she’s spitting. I asked her what is she doing? she said ” I’m spitting because the water keeps getting in my mouth” So I said ” well close your mouth!”  so then she said,” I CAN’T because the WATER is getting in my MOUTH!”  Tell me you wouldn’t have a hard time not laughing at that one!.

After her bath, we started getting her dry, and remember I have a heater on as well so she won’t be as cold. She started complaining about how much she hates her bath, I reminded her that it’s only once a week, she then said well it’s too short of time then.  As if that wasn’t funny enough, the next thing she said OMG was priceless, I couldn’t even hold back the laugh and when I started laughing she looked at me and kind of snickered a bit.  I was drying her back and putting powder on her when she said this” I think the only way I’m ever going to get out of having a bath, is when I’m dead and cremated” I looked at her and said well that would be a little difficult for me to bath you then wouldn’t it? Then she replied,” Oh God unless you dug me up?”  So I was about to say ” well that is an option, but I’m not sure how the water would work with your ashes?” Then she replied, ” Oh don’t say that or else that’s all I’ll be dreaming about tonight, you digging up my grave”  Like I said, it was a fun bath day today. But as always as soon as she’s dressed and warm she thanked me and was happy again.  I want you to know that I don’t take pleasure in tormenting my Mom, this is just a duty that I must do and it’s not fun, but it’s much better than her not getting looked after.  I’m not saying a Nursing home wouldn’t look after her, but I know that she would refuse and then she probably would never bath.  The best part is that after it’s all done, all is well. She loves me and is happy.


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  1. Its funny how old people do not like baths or showers .. some do but some are like hurry and get it over with it lol .. what a great story

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