How I Lost 5lbs In a Week

One of the best decisions I ever made was kicking the soda habit. I along with a lot of people assumed drinking diet soda was the healthier version of drinking soda! Were you fooled as easy as I was? In fact, I became obsessed with it. I would drink anywhere from 5-6 cans of pop a day! I can even remember running out of soda and phoning my husband to tell him to grab some on the way home and he said: ” you know you can just drink water!” I almost died, when he said that. I was shaking and desperate and couldn’t believe what he said. Luckily I found 1 can of gingerale. Like I said I was addicted.  My routine before going to work was to make sure I had enough soda to get me through the day before home.  Then, of course, I would drink a couple more when I got home.  The odd time I would drink apple juice, but I have to confess 99% of my fluid intake was DIET SODA!

So when I realized I had to change my lifestyle, and start looking after myself. I knew I had to do something about my addiction.  But I wasn’t sure what, or how I was going to accomplish it.  But I knew it had to be drastic. So I quit cold turkey. No temptation of one a day or 2 a day even though that’s better I knew I had to quit completely or I would make excuses and the next thing I know I’m back to 5-6 cans again. So I didn’t buy any at the store. I bought a lot of fruit, and I started drinking water.  It was probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever done but it was so worth it. I had headaches, shaking, I was miserable. I’m so glad when I decided to do it, my husband wasn’t home, it would not have gone well. lol.  There was a couple of times that I discovered was that it wasn’t the flavour that I was still craving it was the bubbles. So I went out and found Natural Soda Water. Trust me the first couple of times I tried it, it was horrible. But I only drank half a glass and the craving was gone.

Very rarely do I drink Soda water, if anything I might have a can ever now and then only if I make cauliflower pizza or my kale nacho’s.  Old habit, pizza and pop lol. Only healthier version!.

By the end of the week, I found a difference in myself, the headaches were gone, the shaking was gone and shockingly enough I lost 5lbs! Just like that. I was on the road to victory.  I went out with my husband for a Friday Night dinner out and I had been SODA FREE for a month so this particular night I thought “why not” give it a try, and I couldn’t believe how awful the Diet Soda tasted. It was horrible. I only took one sip and that was all I needed to discover I had officially kicked the soda habit.  Yeeha!! I hope this little tip helped you if you are trying to quit the “Diet Soda Habit”, it is so worth it and you won’t believe how much better you’ll feel. GOOD LUCK!!  Send me a message and let me know how your making out?

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  1. Water is the best! I don’t keep sodas in the house so I’m not tempted. We generally only have them around for parties.

    1. that’s an awesome tip, I’ll definitely share that with my accountability group

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