UnF*** Yourself


Have you ever read a book that when you read the first paragraph you think to yourself ” OMG that’s exactly how I feel!” He knows exactly what I’m talking about and feeling! Well, my friends, I know I have been posting many pictures of the Personal Development books that I’ve read, but this one really got to me, in a good way!

I am forever doubting myself, my abilities, and what I’m capable of.  Even when I have friends that tell me or message me how much of an inspiration I am. I still have those negative thoughts in my head. I cherish every kind word or gesture that is given to me. I think that’s why I’m so passionate about what I do as a coach. The good thing is I know what my weaknesses are and when an awesome book like this book comes into my hands and tells me what it is I need to get all that junk out of my head and do what I am meant to do. Help others, share my ups and downs. We are only human, but man does it help to know that your not alone and you learn how to improve your life on the inside first. It’s the best feeling in the world. If you have doubts or any negative feeling about chasing your dreams and getting out of your comfort zone. This book is a book that I would really recommend. If you don’t read any other book, this is the book for you!  Everything he says in the book is exactly what I needed to hear.  To give me the inspiration I need to know that I’m doing exactly what I was meant to do! Honestly, I have never felt like I was capable of doing anything that I have been doing right now!

How awesome is that! How sad is that too, when I think of how long it took me to actually Love myself enough. Nope, I’m not going to say that, I’m not even going to think it, what matters is that I am doing it now!  I want you to try something for me, I know you’re wondering what on earth is she going to make me do, push-ups, crunches, the dreaded burpees lol. Well, you can relax, I’m talking about the most important part your self, the inside, your mind, your soul. So here is the exercise I want you to try.  Every morning I want you to look in the mirror and say to yourself, ” I LOVE YOU” I know it sounds silly, but you know what, you’re going to find it very hard. You won’t want to do it, but if you keep doing it every morning, every time you look yourself in a mirror say it. The more you say it the more you’re going to start believing it and the next thing you know you will actually believe it. Won’t that be the best feeling in the world that you will start to love yourself, for some this might be the first time?! But I promise you, If you really give it a go, it will become easier and you will, start to believe. Then your whole world will change, for the better!  No more excuses, no more blame. Just action!

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