Never Too Old To Change!


For Many Years the only way I knew how to make myself happy was to either shop or eat! Clearly, I ate more than I shopped. But that was what I knew and sure it would fulfil me at the time, but it wasn’t something I was proud of, in fact, I was ashamed. I hated getting my picture taken, I always hid in the back or would off to take the picture. I gave up and quit more times than I can count. The minute it would get hard I would give up, that’s what I would do!
Well, Now I have the best therapy in the world. Looking after myself in a way I never knew possible. Sure I have days that I might eat NON-healthy, but it doesn’t matter because I know that I’m not going to get that heavy again EVER!!
Why is this time different than all the other times? Simple! I’m not doing this alone, and I have hit rock bottom I know what it’s like to eat just to fill my face, or to eat to make me feel good. Now I have learned to eat to fuel my body, which is totally different. Plus I have trainers that help push me when I feel like taking it easy during my workout. They support and encourage. I’m not going to the gym and faking moves just because it looks like I’m supposed to be doing that. I’m doing the moves in the right form and at my own time and my place. Lastly, I have an amazing support/ accountability group! So when I don’t feel like doing it I know that they are there to push me in the right direction, and if I feel lazy I just have to look at them and Know that I’m showing them how I do it. SO if I give up, how will that show them Not too!! SO I don’t, and I haven’t and I won’t. That’s the difference. THE BEST CHANGE EVER !! My life is my own, all mine, I can do with it as I please and this time around I choose Happiness, Strength in myself and Love myself enough to push through those tough days and come out smiling and knowing I can achieve anything!! It might take me longer than others, but Who cares, as long as I get it done!!
If your ever at that point when You want a change, or you need a change, just remember I’ve been there, and I am passionate about that. I’ll never let you down, I don’t mind sharing my experiences. I went through them for a reason and that reason is to help other succeed as well as myself!

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