Card Night


Well, we finally had a good night of getting Mom back to doing what she loved for so long. It was a craft that she loved the day I started teaching making Cards! It was a rough start, she was getting nervous and even started getting the runs and shaking. I told her it would be just fine and even if we only stay on for one card it’s ok!

Well, we got there in the dark in the cold and she started to just BEAM! It was so nice to see, she was talking to the other lady there, and having a conversation. I noticed she didn’t have the mindset of how to make a card, so I would make them and she would just stamp. But she really enjoyed it. The first thing she said was that she was making it for her friends, Carol and Donna. She ended up making 2 cards and then she was getting sore and tired. So we packed up and left. She was so happy and the best part was that she wants to go to coffee club to show the ladies her cards and hopes it gets them encouraged to come next time.

So as much as I’m selling most of my stock, it sure was nice to see her get to enjoy something she loved doing so much in the past. So I’ll definitely keep you posted on next Tuesday when we go!!




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