Grandma With a Gun


There was a time when I used to have classes on making Cards etc. It was a really big thing, apparently, it still is. It was one of the many times that Mom and I enjoyed so much. She absolutely loved it, making cards for our family and her friends. Then Hubby and I moved and Mom got sick.  When we moved I brought most of my supplies with me, thinking that I would get back into it.  Well, what’s the saying? Life happens!

Between Mom getting sick and moving out here and then work and of course I loved my New Hobby Machine Embroidery and making quilts. So sadly, my card making days have taken a back burner.   When Mom started getting better I have been trying to see how her eye coordination and her patience had improved.  Well, she is getting better but not at all like she used too.

With my New Chapter in my life, I needed to get rid of some old stuff and open up some new areas. Which means  I decided to sell my craft supplies. Well by surprise my Mom has been giving me “heck” believe it or not. I have been posting my stuff online to let someone who would truly appreciate it and now she’s giving me the stink eye every time I take or sell something.  Last night I had a lady come by to buy some ink pads and ribbon, the look that Mom gave this lady, I actually joked saying that we better be careful, I’m sure the next time Mom will be standing at the doorway with a Shot Gun!  Mom actually said, ” Maybe I should?!” Could you see that My mom holding a shotgun so no one would take her card crafting supplies?!


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