So​ Excited


One of the best decisions in my life was to buy a Challenge Pack from a very good friend of mine Jody.  She told me about coaching and I actually went out of my comfort zone and jumped in with both feet literally.  Well, I have have been doing this for over a year and I can’t believe how incredible this company is! How much it has changed my life and my way of looking at nutrition and exercise. I used to think of both as a punishment. Like ” oh gosh, I have to go to the gym” and hate every minute of it. About as much as household chores.  You know you have to do it, but you’d rather be doing something else right?  Wrong, way wrong.  I’m not going to lie and say it was easy “Hell NO” but the difference is simple. I knew I didn’t want to be where I was way more than doing what I was doing.  I knew I had a better life to live and I had to push to get there.

Well with consistency and support I had a change in my perception of “working out”, I started to enjoy it, I started to look forward to it. As tough as it might be for that moment, I knew it was only temporary and I would feel awesome afterwards. So with some of the different programs I have loved some and others not so much. I have never been as excited as I am Today! Why? well, I have come to a stage in my fitness where I have plateaued and honestly, my nutrition hasn’t been spot on either which is exactly why I have been putting on more weight than off.

So this program has come at the right time in my life and I’m so happy and super excited. Mostly because I need to get out of this funk!  I joined a group to help me stay motivated and I also have my own group. There’s no stopping me now, this program is working in the two areas I need the most help with. My abs and my booty, who doesn’t right? With losing over 110 lbs I have a lot of extra skin, I mean a lot. Like elephant knees, etc. I know we can be critical of ourselves. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of these mid-life crisis women who want to get plastic surgery and look like a model. I know what I am and I’m damn proud but when I’m trying so hard to progress and there’s a lot of extra skin it actually is more of a hindrance than when I was bigger believe it or not.  It gets me so frustrated, so I am going to focus on the next 80 days solely on my abs and booty and if I don’t see any difference then I know I’ve tried everything and I’ll have to live with that. But I might as well have fun trying!


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