Time For A Change


Do you ever have one of those days that feels like you just know you need to change something? Something to give you some spark, I sometimes think I live to my true Gemini personality. Always changing something. If it’s not the furniture or painting a room a different colour. As you know I’m always changing my hair colour. I joke with the girls that until I’m a Grandma I’m not going to let the grey show lol.  After all, I am only 50!  I got my hair trimmed last week and I’m not sure if it happens to you but I always find that I can’t get it to look at good as my hair stylist Selena gets it to look. Does that happen to you?

Mom was watching “Once upon a Time” and I was looking at an actress who used to have long hair but now had a pixie cut. I knew that’s what I needed. Something to start fresh. Give my hair a new beginning. It is a New month and a New Fitness challenge we’re doing. So “Why Not” I messaged my girl told her what I wanted and she wasn’t sure I knew what I meant. Silly girl.  I waited, I thought maybe if I thought about it some more and I did today is Wednesday, I messaged her Monday. So that’s good enough time right?  She had a spot, so I asked her if she could wash mom’s hair as well. Perfect. She said yes! Off we go. Mom was not too impressed getting woken up so early and it was snowing as well. Her first response was “NO” it’s snowing! But I convinced her, I think she was half asleep lol. We got outside and voila, it was cold. Thank goodness for heated seats that’s all I can say!

We made it into town and got into to the salon, Mom went first and got her hair washed and set. I went next.  Selena tried so hard to talk me out of a full pixie just because my face isn’t round enough. She said if I cut it that short I’d look a little “BUTCHY”. So I told her I wanted it short and I wanted it like a pixie, and this is what she came up with. My hair needed it bad. Plus its only hair, I told her it will grow. Don’t worry.  Plus I told her I thought all Hair stylists like a little danger lol. When it was all done, she still said if it’s not short enough I can go back and she’ll work with it some more. I said it was fine. Not to worry.  So I ask you what do you think? Yay or Nay?!


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