Our Wylie


I don’t know if I’m getting softer as I get older. But this fellow and I have what is called a love-hate relationship. Which is kind of funny considering I was the one that rescued this guy. But he has always been Terry’s dog, since day 1. The only time that Wylie likes to be around me is when Terry isn’t home.  That has been our relationship has gone for 5 years.  Until recently, I’m not sure if it’s from all the Wind Storms we have had. But lately, he only comes to me when he wants to cuddle.  Terry and I are on the couch watching Stranger Things and he’ll jump on the couch to cuddle. Which he never used to before, but he’ll cuddle with me and in his own quirky little way he gives me kisses too.

When the winds come he comes to me.  He has to hide under my pillow or under the sheets. Let’s just say not a fun sleep night that is. But I have to admit I feel bad for this guy and his quirky little ways.  He was such a scrawny little guy with his little rat tail. But now he’s totally different. He still doesn’t cuddle unless he wants too.IMG_9817.JPG

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