Mom’s Communion

Uncle Jack 24

This has been an off week for mom, I’m not sure if it’s because of her cold. But she hasn’t been herself. She has been wanting to go back to Ontario for Christmas, so I talked it over with her and hubby and he is such a sweety. He said if she wants to go, we only want her happy. So I told her that we were going to make sure she would go. Last night she got really anxious and So today I thought about how to cheer her up and get her back to herself.

With it being Halloween, she was loving the little ones coming to the door and then, of course, she’s watching Mad Men. Bringing back the good old days, so I showed her this picture of her getting her communion.  Well, that really cheered her up, the stories she was saying about how long it took to get her hair just right and that she had to stay perfectly clean lol.

When Mom was going through her first surgery she was sharing a room in her rehab hospital and this lady went to the chapel all the time and would say the rosary and mom had actually started practising again.  For as long as I can remember Mom always felt ashamed about going to church, it was very hard for her because she believed she couldn’t take Communion because she had divorced my Biological father and remarried but not in a Catholic Church. So she usually cried every time we went to church. But when she was in the hospital my aunt went and talked to her Priest and asked about Mom’s feeling like she can’t take communion. My Aunt Rita came to the hospital and told my Mom it’s ok. She can take communion, they have changed a few rules and the Catholic Church recognizes the times and that not every situation is good. So she was able to receive Communion once again.  She was so happy and relieved. I’m not sure if it was true, but my Aunt ( bless her heart) said what Mom needed to hear. Now she can, she even started with her Rosary again too. But sadly, since her other surgeries, her feeling of saying the Rosary and going to church has lost her.  She really did love seeing her picture though. So I’m so glad it cheered her up.

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