Trick or Treat


I don’t know about you but I used to love Halloween. I mean what kid doesn’t right? I even loved it more when I became a mom and the kids were old enough to trick or treat lol. Hubby and I would raid the candy after they went to bed. They weren’t going to notice a few candies missing right?  Isn’t that the Parent’s prerogative?  So now that I’m eating healthier and watching what I fuel my body with, its times like this that I find it most challenging. Bringing back memories of Caramel apples, and chocolate bars. I remember feeling like we scored big if we got a full-size chocolate bar! Now I look at those snack sizes and think one won’t hurt right. Well, there lies the problem. Can’t stop at just one.

Well, I was so happy to find this recipe so I don’t have to worry about eating chocolate bars. I have my own and they’re so super healthy too! So it’s a win-win! Now I just have to remember not to go too crazy lol. But the funny thing is that these peanut butter cups actually fill me up pretty quickly. So it’s not empty calories. I’ll be making these puppies up this afternoon. So when we’re handing out candies I won’t have to worry. Plus it leaves more for Mom too.

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