Late Night Snacker Club

Habits can be a pain in the butt.  Especially when they are not good habits.  I find it’s so easy to create bad habits but good habits are a little more challenging. Then when your trying to get rid of Bad habits it’s so tough. Your brain has been conditioned for so long to do a certain habit and it actually goes on Auto Pilot. Don’t you agree? So when you try and do something different it’s so much harder, because your brain is like, ” ugh, what are you doing? we always have a snack late at night”  What’s this ” Carrot Sticks?” “Where’s my pop and chips?”  Does any of that sound familiar? Well, you can officially join my club. The Late Night Snacker Club!  Ha ha, well I haven’t created a club, I meant it as a club for people who are guilty of snacking late at night and not good things either.

So this video describes the steps that I took, to conquer those bad habits and replace them with good habits. Sound boring? well, it’s quite the opposite. Sometimes we have to struggle through these things on our own. But I say “why?” if I can share with you what I have learned as far as how I was able to cut it out of my usual boring evening. Eating out of boredom, why wouldn’t I share. It’s not TOP SECRET! If 1 out of the 3 of you are able to do the same then that’s one more person I was able to help.  That’s my mission.  We’re all guilty of snacking off and on or now and then. It’s the snacking that gets out of control. Like we’re on autopilot, as soon as the TV is on right away we’re looking for a snack. Not a healthy one mind you. But the complete opposite. Mindless eating out of straight boredom.  So if you’re wanting a change for a healthier lifestyle, tired of feeling overfull, if that’s such a word, you’re going to want to try one of my tricks I use to cut the Late Night Snacking!! I would love your feedback after you give this a go. Now, remember it takes 21 days to start a good habit and its the same out of time to cut out a bad habit.  THere is no easy way, unfortunately, there is no Magic Pill.  But I do promise you something, you’ll start to feel amazing after, you’ll start to realize what it’s like to feel good before you go to bed. I would love to know your feedback!

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