Monday Morning Affirmation


This was a new thing for me, daily affirmations but I’m so glad that I have included them in my morning routine. They say that is you say something to yourself every day you will actually start to believe it and the chances of it coming true are far greater.  Isn’t that amazing! Well, this affirmation has actually come true for me in more ways than one.

The biggest one would be my weight loss,  I knew that in my life at that moment I had to do something about my weight I just wasn’t sure how I was going to go about it. Well thankfully with the good help of a friend and (hitting Rock Bottom) I was able to take baby steps forward and work on my goal. The biggest reward was not so much the numbers on the scale going down but how I was feeling on the inside. I was getting more energy,  or you could say ( More pep in my step).  I was able to do things I never could before for so many years.  I didn’t feel like my insides were going to fall out if I walked half a block or that I could actually cross my legs!  I think the biggest change was that I wasn’t embarrassed or ashamed when I would go to places to shop for a special occasion and have to try on clothes or on a flight and I could actually sit in the seat comfortably and the seat belt wasn’t as far out as it could go.

If I hadn’t taken those first few baby steps I wouldn’t be coaching and helping others who have always struggled with their weight, reach their goals and feel amazing on the inside and much as the outside! I wouldn’t have found my true passion, helping people by sharing my story, my struggles and let them know it is possible.

Without those baby steps, I wouldn’t have gone out of my comfort zone and started my own business, and quit my job! My job which had security and was a good wage. But my heart and my pride were being compromised and I knew if I stayed there any longer it was going to take down a path that I had gone before and it wasn’t good for myself or my family.

Without taking baby steps forward I would never have thought of Personal Development to give me the courage and confidence to do all of the above. That Personal Development only happened because of my coaching.  My Beachbody has 4 Vital Behaviours that they want us to do every day. The first thing is Personal Development. I don’t listen to the radio anymore I listen to podcasts or audiobooks. To help me learn and improve myself. First thing in the morning I listen to my Motivational videos.  This behaviour alone has made a huge impact on my life. My husband even said he’s noticed a shift in me, I used to cower at meeting someone new or an authoritative person but now I just go up and introduce myself.


There is a book that I read that has really helped my confidence and courage and it’s a book by Mel Robbins called “5 Second Rule” that book in itself will change your life for the better.  It has mine.  So I hope from this post on my blog, the biggest thing you get out of this is that there is a ripple effect. That one small thing that might be scaring the crap out of you to do, no matter what it is in your life. Whether it’s to lose weight, change your career whatever it is. Take that baby step forward, the results are going to be amazing. That will just be the start of it.  I promise you. Go to the bookstore and pick up that book and read it. or listen to it on an audiobook.  As long as your going forward no matter how big or small the main thing is your going forward!! CONGRATULATIONS !!


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