Saturday Routine !!

If there’s one thing I can always count on is getting a good sweat when I work with this fellow. Out of all the Trainers, I have to say SAGI is one of my favourites. My husband finds him very annoying but Hey, who’s doing the workout here?  When you find someone who motivates you and gets you laughing and enjoying then I don’t see how that can be a bad thing right?  So today was Bulk Back, and I’m proud to say that fighting my cold I was able to push myself a little bit more today and actually increased my weight. It feels so good when you see progress, I didn’t step on a scale, I didn’t even measure myself, what progress I noticed is that I could increase my weight and complete a whole set of reps without having to stop. That’s progress, even for this old girl!

Next week is my final week of this program and it’s flown so fast. But it’s been a really good change in my routine.  I’m contemplating doing another round, but I do miss my cardio and my running. I’m thinking I need to get a New( or Newly used ) Treadmill or Excercise Bike. I hate going to the gym to pay a membership and have to drive all the way into town. So I thought about getting a bike or treadmill for the house. Now here’s the dilemma, I mentioned to my husband about getting either a treadmill or Excercise bike. He said ” if you get a bike, I’ll probably use it too” so do I get a bike and know that he might use it once or twice or do I get a treadmill and continue with my training for the spring Marathon. UGH!! Which would you choose? and before any of you say both, my house isn’t big enough for both lol. I’ve already thought about it, lol.



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