Mom’s Beef Stew


There is nothing better than good old-fashioned Family Tradition. Am I right? If there is one thing my mom is famous for is her Sunday Meals.  Whether it was Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding or Ham & Scalloped Potatoes.  But one of her famous meals was her Beef stew. In fact, everyone loved her Beef stew. I can remember my Uncle coming over just for Mom’s stew.  So when I got married and I wanted to impress my husband, because his mom was always famous for her White Beans. I wanted him to be proud of my Mom’s beef stew, you know the saying ” you can Win a man’s heart through his Stomach” well this is definitely my husband to a “T”.

I called my mom and asked her to show me how she made her famous Beef Stew, and sure enough, she came over and helped me every step of the way. Which it still wasn’t perfect but practice makes perfect right.  Today, was cool and windy and of course FALL. So what better excuse to make Beef Stew Right?  So 27 years later, I don’t even have to ask mom, thankfully. I don’t even follow a recipe. So every time I make it, it tastes better and better. Thank goodness I usually make a crockpot full.  I’m pretty sure he’ll have more than one bowl.  Now the only difference I do with my version of Beef Stew to my mom’s is that I usually don’t  add potatoes but she doesn’t even notice ( HE HE).  I always use a Crock Pot whereas my Mother always did it on the stove.  Many many times I can remember her forgetting about it and it would be a little burnt.  But it was still her stew.         So I’m calling out to you, what famous family traditions or Mom’s famous recipes do you guys have or use? I’m curious to hear. Is it a meal or something different?  Do you have a favourite night of the week that you bring a family tradition?  Sunday’s have always been ours. I’d love to hear it?  Oh and if you’d like to try my Mom’s famous stew, just send me your Email,  I have a weekly Crockpot recipe challenge that I send by email to everyone that’s interested.

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