Can’t Trick My Mom


IMG_2232One of my mom’s favourite treats is Banana Bread,  she might not eat very well, the only snack here and there but when she knows there’s Banana Bread in the Oven! Well, don’t stand in her way.  So being the person or daughter that I am, I wanted to make her Banana bread because of her having her cold ( I was the one that gave it to her) So I made her a healthier version of it. Using whole wheat instead of traditional All Purpose.

It came out nice, not too soft not too mushy just right. Well, Mom took one bite and the first thing she said was” this isn’t your usual Banana Bread” so I played dumb and said “NO?”

She then replied” NOPE” quite firmly, so I tried to make light of it and to no prevail. The loaf sits there on it lonesome. Today was our usual grocery/ meal prep day so I grabbed some all purpose flour and made her the regular kind of Banana Bread, you watch that loaf will be gone in seconds.  I think to myself, ” Sorry MOM, for trying to get you healthy again !” Gosh! would it have killed you to eat the other bread?  Feeling like I was a teenager all over again. lol.  But I know she’ll be happy with this loaf more and heck if it means she’ll eat it, I’m all for it. Better than not eating at all. Just a shame its such a waste to throw out the other loaf.  Maybe I can convince hubby to eat it. Here’s hoping.

I might be able to fool her with some things, but when it comes to stuff she likes I guess I can’t. Lesson learned lol.


I borrowed this photo from a very dear friend of mine Christine. I thought it was perfect for this post.  Oh and I was curious do any of you have an old faithful Banana bread recipe?

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