How many of you have flown on a plane and when the flight instructor goes through the instructions of how to place the mask on your face?  Then they tell you to make sure yours is on first before you put on your child’s? Well, the first time I flew I was horrified at the thought of putting mine on first before my child’s, the thought of losing them because I was selfish to put my mask on first? Did any of you think that too? Well, when I finally realized that if I didn’t put on my mask first I wouldn’t be able to put my child’s on because I’d be passed out or even worse. Then I thought to myself, that’s the same with every day!

As mom’s and wives we are always taking care of our family, making sure the kids are well fed, their happy and they have everything they need. Even when they get older and move out your still worrying about them making sure they have everything right? Then our husbands well they’re just like the kids lol. Am I right? Sure we might cry while watching a TV show or movies. We might get emotional over the littlest of things but I truly believe we are strong. We are fighters and we can carry a lot on our shoulders.  But there comes a time when we do so much for everyone else that we forget about looking after “us”  and if we don’t look after ourselves, how are we going to be able to be there for our family. Our bodies can handle a lot but they can only handle it for a while and if we’re not feeding it properly or giving it what it needs to be healthy and happy, it will run out.  Looking after ourselves first is not a bad thing or a selfish thing, in fact, it’s quite the opposite. It’s a selfless thing.

Think about it for a second. By showing our family that we need to take care of ourselves first and that means eating healthy, exercise, sleep,  some “ME” time when we are there for them that much more.  We’re also teaching them that they are important too because there will come a time that they will be grown up and on their own, but the values that you put in them when they were young will show them how important they are when they are facing everyday life and struggles. When they have children, they will know what it’s like and how important it is for them to look after themselves first. Because they had an amazing Teacher ( YOU!)  isn’t that what we’re supposed to do. Teach them how they can live and support themselves in every aspect?  So don’t give up on yourself, your cup will only fill up when you tend to it, and if it’s full it will flow over into the areas that are needed.  Besides the kids will learn to love the NEW mommy, the healthy happy mommy, and not the tired and grumpy mommy.  And as far as hubby is concerned, when you start to feel better about yourself, it will show and he will love it too.  So put your Mask on first! You are the PILOT, Not the flight attendant.

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