My Mean Girl


There is a difference between me now and what I was like 5 years ago. Here’s the funny thing, I’m not talking about the weight loss that I’ve done ( not that I’m not proud of it, I definitely am !) my weight loss is my actual first biggest achievement I did all for myself and No one else. The difference I’m talking about is my inner self, you know the one. The one we battle with all the time, am I good enough, should I eat that, make every excuse in the book.📖 When I was going through a rough time and my depression would be knocking on my door 🚪 I would make excuses with food.🥘 I would sit on the couch and🛋 eat whatever junk food was around, I remember once eating a whole pan of Pillsbury cinnamon buns! And went looking for more! That feeling never goes away “our Mean Girl “ will pop out anytime she can. So the choice or decision is this do I give in to my “Mean Girl “ and then feel even more depressed after for being weak? Or do I slam the door in🚪 her face and fight for what I know is best for me to make me feel amazing ?! Well, my friends, you’ll be glad to know I chose the later, and I even reached out to a fellow Coach to help me stay accountable. That’s the difference, I always thought I was alone and I didn’t care about myself & Now I know I’m NOT alone and I love myself❤️ too much to Not care about myself! This is what my journey has taught me !! If you have a story similar or if you understand where I’m coming from I hope my story helps, I only want to pay it forward and let everyone know you are NOT alone, I know too well what that “mean girl “ is like and she can be a real Bitch! This photo is how I used to feel and be, but I am proud to say I am No Longer that Lady.  Staying accountable !!

If you’re looking to control your Mean Girl and Make the most of your life, I encourage you to read this book. It really has changed my life for the better. When you read what this author has gone through and how she has come out on the other side, it will truly inspire you!


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