Body Beast – Beast Up

I have had a really tough week, fighting a cold.  Not to mention just feeling down in the dumps. I haven’t been spot on with my Nutrition, in fact,I have probably eaten more of my share of Bad foods than good foods. Without doing cardio, due to weather and my cold I have found myself gaining weight instead of keeping the same weight and improving my toning and muscle.

So today I press play and this workout was an Hour.  A whole hour but I’m finding even though it’s double the times I’m used to it actually surprised me that it’s not that long at all. Once you find something you love to do then you don’t even notice the time at all.  I had to actually do a decline fly. which was my first. it felt a little weird but tough. It certainly pushed my limits, but I was successful and I completed it. There were some moves I couldn’t do because of my cold, but I still felt strong and accomplished. That’s the main thing, doing the best I can and feel stronger and confident when I’m done.

I only have one week left and I’m sad to say that it’ll be over, I’ll have to pick a different program. Thank goodness I have quite the variety. Who knows I might do one more round? Never know. !!

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