Full Out

When I first started doing workouts from home, I was not as fit as I thought I was. So when I would do the 21 day fix extreme, it was harder than I thought.  I actually thought I would whiz right through it like nothing. Boy was I fooled.  After doing the 21 days of it I decided to have some fun. Not just doing pushups and squats. I saw this program on the website, which was so exciting! Plus the guy doing the dancing wasn’t bad to look at either. So I bought the DVD and I tried it out, once again I forgot I can’t dance. But I never felt so good, I was sweating buckets but I love it. It actually didn’t feel like a workout at all. I was so Pumped at the end of the Choreography to actually do the dance move I didn’t care what I looked like.  I was getting really good at it!

That was over a year ago, that I met Mr. Shaun T since then I have done Insanity Max 30, T 25 and Shaun Week. He pushes you that’s for sure. But I still love “CIZE” its so much fun. So last Sunday, it was too cold to go for a run, but after doing my weights I wanted to do some cardio, but I wanted to have fun. So I dusted off my “CIZE ” and I pressed play and had a blast. I couldn’t believe how bad I still was, I have no rhythm at all. Which you’ll be able to see when you watch the video lol. But who cares right? I’m staying active and having fun, I’m pretty sure that’s a WIN in all directions.

Oh and yes my husband is sleeping on the couch with the dogs too.  I wouldn’t be able to get him to try that unless I had given him a lot of beers or cesar’s. He’s never been a dancer unless he’s a little tipsy then his dancing feet come out. But that’s ok, I had my date with Shaun T. That’s all I need. lol. ( Don’t worry, I love my husband)

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