Monday Motivation


It’s funny how when I was younger and I would look at my elder’s and they would say things like ” your only as old as you feel” and you would see one Aunt or Uncle doing all kinds of crazy things you think they’re too old to be doing. Then you would see a different Aunt or Uncle and they could barely move or do anything. Just sit and watch Tv, complain about everything. When I was younger I never really put much thought into this, just figured it was one of those things.  Life gives you bad deals.

Well now that I’m 50 and I can honestly say I truly believe and live that quote everyday! When I was 30 I really did feel like I was 50 , I was tired all the time, barely able to walk a block let alone do anything crazy like ride a bike or run! I was miserable, all I did was watch Tv and eat chips and licorise(my staple on the grocery list) and soda.  I was in a dark place.  I hated going anywhere except the Movie Theater ( mostly because I could eat Popcorn) and be in the dark and escape.  But when I hit rock bottom, that’s when I new I had to do something. Or else I knew where I was headed.

Now I that I’m 50 I actually feel like I’m 30. My energy is through the roof, I feel amazing. I’m facing my fears head on. Not only can I ride a bike, I also ran a half marathon! Who knew. It is about choices, it’s about making decisions to make a better you! I tell everyone I see I got a second chance at life and I fully intend on living it to the fullest. Nothing is going to hold me back. If it means I listen to podcasts about improving my life instead of music I will do that. If it means I will watch and take notes on videos of things to improve my coaching instead of TV shows. I will do that.  I have learned to love myself for the first time in my life. I’m NEVER going back to the old me.

I look forward to MONDAY’s I don’t dread them. Monday’s are my day of New affirmations to make my week, strong and ready to conquer whatever is thrown at me. I Never skip a Monday workout. I Never skip fueling my body, and treating it with care and making the right choices.

If you are tired of feeling older than you really are, only you can change that. No magic pill, no magic wrap, you have to make that decision you want better for “YOU” and if you need encouragement and guidance I will be there every step of the way!! I’ve been there I know what it’s like. Just don’t settle for nothing. Your worth so much more than that. Change your day into positivity and you will notice the difference inside of you!! It’s quite powerful!

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