Meal Planning

One of the most frequently asked questions is how I stay on track with my nutrition? Well the best way I have found is that if I plan then I succeed. I never used to plan, it would be as the day came I would decide then. It was not a good way at all, it ended up a lot of the time being takeout especially friday and saturday’s. If I went to the grocery store without my list I would wander the aisles and sure enough I would end up buying more than I intended. Does that happen to you?

Since I started my journey I have had many failures and that my friends is not a bad thing, in fact it’s a wonderful thing! Why, you ask because everytime there was a failure it brought me closer to my success. We used to always think that if we failed at something then that would be devistating. I can remember feeling crushed. But what I didn’t realize is that it would teach me to study harder, or be focused more on what I wanted to achieve. Oh, if we could go back in time and say ” Hey, keep doing what your doing” Failure is ok!! But we can’t go back and we are never too old to learn right?

I don’t regret anything, in fact it has helped me appreciate everything thing I have learned and have been able to share to you guys!. I cherish those moments. It means I’m learning and growing into a better me.

I love my video of how I meal plan the best way to stay on track. I want you to listen and learn, it’s your best defense, being PREPARED is the biggest part of success. Learning how to portion and still eat for  a lot of food , the only difference is that it’s the proper food.


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