Water Challenge

Day 4.pngI shared with you earlier this week about a Water challenge that my Challenge group is doing! I have to say that Today was a new one for me. I never usually think of adding these two fruits for a combination, I was really looking forward to this. I found it’s very refreshing to add the fruits so that way water doesn’t seem like a chore.  I want to be excited about what I drink, if you love it then your Not going to skip it. Right?  My goal is to be as excited about these water infusions as people are to wine. I know they don’t even compare, but it was as close as I could think of, usually, people go on and on about their day and needed a good glass of wine. So I thought of myself saying  ” Mmm, nothing like a good glass of water with orange and blueberries!”  Yeah, I don’t think it has the same tone lol. but it clearly doesn’t. Good thing I’m not a Wine drinker lol.  So if you’d like, give this a try and see what you think?! If your trying to cut out Diet Soda or Regular Soda this is a definite way to go through the transition! IF you’d like some more info on how to cut the Soda habit, Send me a comment. I will gladly help you with that. Coming from a 5-6 can a day girl to none at all.

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