IMG_2081Well, Today we had to head to the hospital for mom’s pain infusion today. Let’s just say it was a bit chilly today.  When she got dressed I made sure she had her sweater and her fuzzy coat, but I knew she would complain about her hands so I looked in the basket with all the gloves and hats and found a brand new pair of sparkly mittens. That she had boughten last winter. So I thought perfect! Then when I went to give them to her I noticed it had a string attached. I was like ” DOUBLE PERFECT!”

For as long as I can remember my mom was forever losing her gloves. She would get to the point where she would only buy the Dollar Store ones and she would buy 6 or 7 at a time and surely by the end of the season she would be maybe down to 1 pair or just one single. We used to always tease her about it, I even found a coat of hers that she handmade a string to her gloves and sure enough that didn’t work.  So this morning was a great start

So this morning was a great start the mittens won’t get lost.  Plus she is so much more relaxed with this round of Pain Infusion. She pretty much slept through most of it, even when they were putting in her IV, which is not her favourite thing at all. Which is rightly justified! But today she is mellow, just chillin, and dozing off every now and then. Which is so nice. She’s even saying she has no pain, at all. and it’s only been running for an hour! That is such a relief, she used to be just terrified to come to the hospital at all. Even if it was just to get blood taken. I asked her how she was feeling and she said” pretty good, but just don’t forget to bring me home. I’m Not staying!” I then told her that they cut off her wristband, so she smiled and said “GOOD”  The Nurses were even kind enough to give her some heated blankets too. So she’s very happy lol. Hopefully, next time ( which is every 3 Months) will turn out just as good.


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