Big Decision

IMG_2064Do you ever have that feeling of despair, or that you are carrying the world on your shoulders?  Well, that has been me for quite some time, the pressure of my job, I love what I do don’t get me wrong it’s just everything else that is pertaining to it that is bringing me such heartache.  I always post quotes about “change is good” ” challenge yourself” or ” Live your dream” and I would be a hypocrite if I kept coaching others to chase they’re Dreams and I was still sitting not doing that myself! I think it’s the uncertainty that gets the “FEAR” in us going.  So I listened to my Daily Personal Development and I thought to myself ” Sherry if you don’t follow your heart and dream, how are you going to know where you’re supposed to be?” or something like that. It probably wasn’t that detailed, it was probably like. You are depressed, you hate your job, so do something about it. lol.

So when I got home from work and I talked to hubby, he said: ” if you don’t get clients right away, you can always work somewhere else until it builds up!”  “DING, DING, DING!!” That was all I needed, “Thanks, Honey!”  Later Hubby went to bed and I said I would be there shortly and he laughed and said ” Sure you will, you’re always up late” and so I put on “Beauty and the Beast” and started working and I don’t even think it was 1/2 an hour of my posting my flyers to Facebook Buy and Sell Groups, that I got a message about someone needing help with their parents!  Then later the next day I got another message asking about my services!

Yesterday, I went back to the first client that requested my services. Told him what I was capable of offering and he was very nice about it. Mainly he wanted me to be out there for 24 hours at one time, which I couldn’t offer because I do have to look after mom too. So we discussed what I can do and told him to think about it and I would love to work with him. As I’m driving back to Swift Current ” Two Things Happened” One was that horrible and ugly weight that was pressing on my chest ( Not the good kind) had been lifted and in fact, my heart was racing with excitement!  So how can that be a bad thing right?

Secondly, when I was driving back to Swift, I came across some Wind Turbines. I never realized how big they actually are. So I had to stop and check it out. When I was standing there I was expecting a lot of noise like grinding of a machine or something but in fact, it was so quiet and peaceful. I had to take a pic. That’s when I could feel my happiness coming back and my heart filling up with joy again, the whole reason I got into Nursing was to help people. The Other reason why I’m so passionate about my Coaching other’s into a healthier lifestyle was to help people see that,  they’re dreams are capable of reaching.  ” Reach for the Stars, Land On the Moon!!”  So as you can see my New Office is my car, and I’ve made the decision to leave a job that I cannot be a part of anymore and explore my heart and my love for doing what I am meant to do!!


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