Bath Day

fullsizeoutput_55c2Second, week in a row Mom’s bath went really well. I was pretty happy and that sore that she had is pretty much gone.  I went in to grab her laundry and she was already awake and sitting on the side of the bed.  Which surprised me, she asked me what day it was if it was Sunday or Monday? I said it feels like a Sunday but it is Monday. She then said, ” I was afraid of that, that means it’s bath day right?” I said ” yes, I’m sorry,” she said ” Darnnit” So then I told her I had to have a shower too.! So she said ” well go ahead you can have your’s first!, I said no it’s ok, I already have the tub running,” she said, ” shoot”.

I had no idea what kind of day it was going to be, especially when she knows it’s Bath Day, so today was a good day. I think part of the reason she was in a good mood because she knew we were having Turkey Dinner and Pumpkin Pie! I cherish those days, I love it when I have to do Nursing duty and it goes smoothly.  It’s so hard to see her mad at me and yell at me because I’m only trying to keep her healthy and live the best that she can while she is capable.  Tomorrow night we’re taking her to the movies and we convinced her that if she goes she’ll get the popcorn how she likes it.  Boy, she loves her popcorn.


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