Body Beast Day 2 & 3

IMG_1878Ok I was feeling a little Beasty today and boy was it a killer. I’m not sure what hurts more. lol. I love this program it has really made a difference in me already, it’s moved up the list to my favourites! I almost want to say I love it more than my Master’s Hammer & Chisel. lol.  But I won’t tell Autumn. That will be my secret.  I am getting excited before I even begin to see what I’m going to get to do today! It’s not hard work, it’s fun.  When you get past the beginning of the exercise and start getting into a routine, you actually look forward to it and love how you feel afterwards.  But I will tell you this, if I didn’t have my Energize I’m not sure if I would be able to finish the workout as well as I can. lol. Thank goodness for that. It also helps me stay awake on Nights too. DOUBLE Bonus for me!!IMG_1922

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